4th H for Health

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January Edition


Penguin Snack


Oval crackers

Pretzel Crackers

Cream cheese

Sliced black olives

Large whole black olives




  1. Cut the large olives into quarters to make wings.
  2. Cut some carrot slices into a few small triangles for the beaks and feet.
  3. Spread the cream cheese on the pretzel crackers.
  4. Place olive slices as head and wings
  5. Place carrots as feet and beak


Mindfulness Activity:

As the holidays wind down and the days become shorter, many people can begin to have the “winter blues”. Breathing exercises are a great way to practice mindfulness, and soften feelings of  sadness, anxiety, or lethargy.

  • INHALE through your nose for 2 seconds (try to fill stomach with air)
  • EXHALE for 4 seconds, like you’re pretending to blow on hot food
  • INHALE count 2
  • EXHALE count 2
  • Repeat 3x!