How do we relate to other efforts?

  • US-RSE: “Research Software Engineer” is closely related to our term Xpert. While the roots are in Europe, the US RSE initiative aims to create synergy among RSE individuals and groups at US universities and other institutions. Like US RSE, the Xpert Network engages in community networking activities. The Xpert network’s primary motivation is to bring together the various groups that assist computational and data-intensive researchers of large NSF projects, such as the members of XSEDE/ECSS, CyVerse, and the Software Institutes. As a specific goal of the networking activities, the Xpert network envisions the creation of a best-practices guide for Xperts/RSEs, which will also include a catalog of tools that increase their productivity. For the latter, the Xpert Network seeks to also bring in the developers of such tools.
  • CaRCC: The Campus Research Computing Consortium also aims to synergize a similar community as US RSE, with the professionalization (professional development and advocacy) of those involved in campus research computing and data being a particular goal. CaRCC uses the term “Research Facilitator”, which overlaps with the terms Xpert and RSE. As the CaRCC network is growing, it engages in many additional, related activities.  Professionalization is an important goal, to which the Xpert Network only contributes indirectly – by identifying best practices, which may add training material for professional development.
  • Virtual Residency: This project focuses on training Xperts/RSEs/Research Facilitators. Like for CaRCC, the Xpert Network may contribute training material in the form of identified best practices emerging from the large NSF projects that involve groups of Xperts.
  • XSEDE: This large NSF project includes two thrusts that support CDI application researchers. The ECSS group (Extended Collaborative Support Service) has a large number of computational and data experts that work collaboratively with domain scientists in improving their applications. See the ECSS monthly seminar series.  The Campus Champions program engages participants at many university campuses to raise awareness of XSEDE services and help local users accelerate CDI research. 


The Xpert Network exchanges ideas with all the above efforts on how to avoid overlap and present consistent visions to the community. Community input on other efforts that pursue similar goals is welcome. We also encourage other projects to add similar cross-references to their webpages.