This project aims to advance science by increasing the productivity of researchers who use computational and data-intensive (CDI) methods for pushing the frontiers by developing a network for exchange of best practices in expert assistance and in the creation of supporting tool environments.

Our Motivation:

Considering the fact that Computational and Data-intensive (CDI) research and engineering methods are key to success, and Domain scientists and engineers need help developing, optimizing and running CDI applications. We are motivated to create synergy among these groups (both individuals and pools) and improving their toolbox which will increase the productivity of CDI science and engineering.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to bring people together by holding:
  • Monthly online meetings: CDI application experts (Xperts) will exchange best practices and open problems. The schedule will leverage project meetings of participants.
  • Face-to-Face meetings: In-depth discussions will take place at major conferences (e.g., ICS, SC).
  • Discussion platform: Supports communication of participants around the clock.
  • Exchange program: Participants visiting participants.
and In the Future: Putting together a proposal for a large community effort following the pilot project.

What Outcomes will there be?

The discussions of Xpert workshops will be compiled into:
  • A best-practices guide for computational and data-intensive research
  • A catalog of tools that support CDI research and engineering