2022Exchanging Best Practices for Supporting Computational and Data-Intensive Research, The Xpert Network
Description: We present best practices for professionals who support computational and data-intensive (CDI) research projects. The practices resulted from the Xpert Network activities, an initiative that brings together major NSF-funded projects for advanced cyberinfrastructure, national projects, and university teams that include individuals or groups of such professionals. Additionally, our recommendations are based on years of experience building multidisciplinary applications and teaching computing to scientists. This paper focuses particularly on practices that differ from those in a general software engineering context. This paper also describes the Xpert Network initiative where participants exchange best practices, tools, successes, challenges, and general information about their activities, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and coordination in the ever-growing community of scientists that use computational and data-intensive research methods.
2021Exchanging Best Practices and Tools for Supporting Computational and Data-Intensive Research
Description: In this paper, we present the best practices and tools for those who support computational and data-intensive (CDI) research projects. These are results of an initiative bringing together national projects and teams that include individuals and groups of such professionals.
2019ICS 2019 workshop report 
Description: This report presents the raw workshop outcomes, giving the reader an impression of what happened at the meeting, followed by the main take-away points that the attendees mentioned. the topics that are discussed in this workshop are:
– Best practices from real use cases
– Good structure of a Best Practices Guide
– Coordinating different efforts and projects
– Increasing the productivity of tools