Joint Xpert Network/ECSS panel discussion, December 2022 Event

Panel Topic: The future of ECSS-type services

In this video, Xperts:

  • Bob Sinkovits, San Diego Supercomputer Center (Co-moderator) 
  • Rudi Eigenmann, University of Delaware (Co-moderator) 
  • Sergiu Sanielevici, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Karen Tomko, Ohio Supercomputer Center
  • Ian A. Cosden, Princeton University & US-RSE
  • Jeff F. Pummill, Arkansas High-Performance Computing Center   
  • Sharon Tettegah , University of California, Santa Barbara

discuss these questions:

  • What are good models for forming new teams of “Cyberinfrastructure Professionals” (in NSF terminology),  providing ECSS-type services. 
  • How can such teams of different projects, agencies, and universities create synergy? 
  • What skills are needed by the team members and how should training be done?

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