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In 2022, we are holding monthly one-hour meetings starting at 2 PM ET (on the third Thursday of the month).

The Xpert Network Panel, June 2022 Event


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Panel Topic: Teaching auto-parallelizers to produce code that is closer to hand-parallelized programs.

Despite decades of research on auto-parallelizers, half of the applications cannot be parallelized by auto-parallelizers. However, it is often possible to improve performance on those applications by making small changes to the code. It would be interesting to find out what it takes for auto-parallelizers to produce code that is closer to hand-parallelized programs.

To this end, the panel will discuss:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the auto-parallelizer.
  • What prevents auto-parallelizers from achieving hand-parallelized performance in specific programs, and how can they be overcome?
  • Popular auto-parallelizers and their characteristics.

 The panel is part of the Xpert Network series, which brings together:

  • Researchers developing and using computational and data-intensive (CDI) applications,
  • Those who assist these researchers with expertise in CDI technology, and
  • Developers of tools that support the development and use of CDI applications.

The panel goal is to create synergy among these groups and, in this way, begin to build a community and a record of best practices and tools for those who conduct CDI research and assist these researchers.

Participants will get to interact with those involved in the above tasks from major national projects, such as XSEDE, CyVerse, Software Institutes (SGCI, MolSSI), CaRCC, as well as with individuals from the university campus and other research organizations.



  • Rudi Eigenmann, University of Delaware (Moderator)
  • Mary Hall, University of Utah
  • Catherine Olschanowsky, Boise State University
  • Martin Kong, Ohio State University 

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