Upcoming Events

 In 2021, we are holding monthly one-hour meetings starting at 2 PM ET (on the third Thursday of the month).

we are holding a series of events introducing a range of projects and organizations, with a focus on best practices they have developed in supporting their users. This is the fifth event in this series. Please join us to share your experiences and at the same time learn from others.

Panel Topic: Best practices for Computational and Data-intensive (CDI) Research

Some interesting items to be discussed are:

  • How to develop Best practices in CDI research,
  • How to train new group members on those best practices,
  • How to support science teams.

Join our Zoom Meeting https://udel.zoom.us/j/5979309764

Join by Skype for Business https://udel.zoom.us/skype/597930


  • Rebecca Koskela, Research Data Alliance
  • Henry Neeman, University of Oklahoma & Virtual Residency


  • Anshu Dubey,  Argonne National Laboratory

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