Meet the Bee Team

Current Lab Members

Dr. Deborah Delaney, Assistant Professor
Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

Dan Borkoski, Apiary Technician

Grace Savoy-Burke, PhD candidate Entomology

John Menz, PhD candidate Entomology

Ziyad Abdul Qadir, PhD candidate Entomology


Recent Lab Members

Ben Sammarco, Undergraduate Researcher

Cameron Green, Undergraduate Researcher

Anissa Speakman, Undergraduate Researcher

Alex Tewnion, Undergraduate Researcher

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  1. We are having a problem with bees at our house in Newark, DE. They are going into a bay window in the back of our house. We are having trouble finding anyone to help us address this issue.
    Can you help?
    Diane Jackson
    119 Syracuse Dr.

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