Christian Adams

Christian is an undergraduate student in the Insect Ecology and Conservation major at the University of Delaware. He is a beekeeper and member of several beekeeping organizations such as the Eastern Apiculture Society, New Jersey Beekeepers Association, and Delaware Beekeepers Association. His main career goals are to couple entomological studies of apiculture and meliponiculture with their ethnobiological contexts, study honey bee mating biology to answer key questions surrounding drone bee behavior, and continue popularizing the history and practice of honey hunting. As a 2023 David A. Plastino Scholars Program awardee, Christian will travel to the Peruvian Amazon where he will both collaborate with the indigenous Maijuna to develop a database of stingless beekeeping practices and create a pollen library of stingless bee forage resources in this area. When not working with bees, Christian enjoys hunting for culinary mushrooms, fly fishing, and mead making!

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