Paid Internship Working with Real Blue Hens

This summer and fall, the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources will offer 2-3 students the opportunity to get paid and obtain hands-on learning experience with live blue hens from the UD flock!

Students will be displaying our UD Blue Hens using our custom-built trailer, talk to the public about the birds, and answer questions. The student interns will receive training on the history and husbandry of the birds, and then will be responsible for the daily care of the birds for the summer and fall, up until the end of the UD home football games. Interns will be required to visit the chickens once per day, 2-3 times per week, to provide feed, clean waterers, check temperatures, and monitor the overall well-being of the birds. Each visit should take 20-30 minutes but students will be paid a minimum of an hour for each visit. Visits will begin on June 1, 2018 to allow the birds to become familiar with the students and allow students to get to know the birds. The interns will be trained on how to use the trailer and to use a golf cart to pull the display trailer to the six UD home football games in the Fan Zone in front of the stadium. There will be several other UD events that students can display the Blue Hens at such as an Alumni event in June, Ag Day, etc. to earn additional wages.

Students must be able to commit to working a minimum of three hours at each of the UD home games slated for:


Date Opponent Location Start Time
Thursday, 8/30 Rhode Island Delaware Stadium 7:00 pm
Saturday, 9/8 Lafayette Delaware Stadium 3:30 pm
Saturday, 9/15 Cornell Delaware Stadium 3:30 pm
Saturday, 10/13 Elon Delaware Stadium 3:30 pm
Saturday, 10/27 Towson Delaware Stadium 3:30 pm
Saturday, 11/17 Villanova Delaware Stadium 12:00 pm

Students interested in working with blue hens over the summer and educating the public on all the facts surrounding Delaware’s state bird in the fall should e-mail Prof. Alphin at or call (302) 831-0825.