SONiA disappear fear

SONiA Disappear Fear

SONiA Disappear Fear

On May 30, we had a blast talking with SONiA Disappear Fear, a folksinger from Baltimore, prior to her appearance at the Jewish Music Fest at the Siegel JCC on Sunday, June 4.

Sonia Rutstein and her sister Cindy used to call themselves “Disappear Fear,” and when Cindy decided to stop touring, Sonia and her record label decided to keep the name. She sings traditional folksongs, new songs (written in English, Spanish, Hebrew, German, and even Arabic), and tours with her guitar, looping pedal, and harmonica. But some of her records have attracted a lot of great musicians. Her music is absolutely engaging.

One quote from her website sums things up nicely:

One voice, one guitar, bending sound and light into songs helping fans leap to their feet. “Her songs are a vivid celebration of the human spirit in all its infinite manifestations,” said Don Kening of the Chicago Daily Herald. “Her music has a singular sound that makes labeling and categorizing a waste of time.”

Listen to the interview

SONiA disappear fear, recorded live on WVUD, May 30, 2017.
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The music

Artist Track Album or source Year released
SONiA disappear fear L Kol L Vavcha Live at Maximal 2015
SONiA disappear fear Washington Work Song DF 05 Live 2005
SONiA disappear fear Ari Ari Live at Maximal 2015