[Get Ready] for Harmonia Brass Quintet

Days after releasing their self-titled debut album, Alex Sallade and Alek Mansouri of Harmonia Brass Quintet stopped by The Music Room to speak with Liz Webb about their music, songwriting, and recording experience. Formed in 2016, Harmonia Brass Quintet is comprised of UD students and alumni Alex Sallade (french horn), Alek Mansouri (bass trombone), Cory Nunn (trumpet), Thomas Warnock (trombone), and Matthew Hubner (trumpet).

Drawing inspiration from film, T.V., and video games, Harmonia delivers a new and unique approach to traditional brass quintet repertoire. The group’s album, recorded at Ken-Del Studios in Wilmington, features both original compositions and arrangements of well-known songs. With appearances at the Calvary-Hillcrest Episcopal Church in Wilmington and UD’s 8-Bit Orchestra concert, Harmonia Brass Quintet have shared their creative and enjoyable music across the Delaware community.

From left to right: Cory Nunn, Alex Sallade, Alek Mansouri, Thomas Warnock, Matthew Hubner.


Check out the interview below to learn more about Harmonia Brass Quintet and to hear selections from their debut album.


The Interview

Harmonia Brass Quintet, Host: Liz Webb, Recorded live May 23, 2017.
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The Music

Artist Song Album Year
Due to copyright restrictions, the podcast contains excerpts of some of the music heard during the broadcast of the interview.
Harmonia Brass Quintet [Get Ready] Harmonia 2017
Harmonia Brass Quintet Make America Great Again Harmonia 2017
Harmonia Brass Quintet Vogel im Käfig Harmonia 2017
Harmonia Brass Quintet Throne Room Harmonia 2017