Ola Onabule

ola_pictureOn September 5, 2016, British-Nigerian singer/songwriter, Ola Onabule Skyped in to WVUD’s The Music Room to talk about his most recent album It’s The Peace That Deafens. Ola’s career, spanning over two decades, has been a testament to his dedication and determination. After giving up an education in law in order to pursue music, Ola chose not to work with big record labels, but instead to create his own label Rugged Ram Records.

According to his website, this most recent work is both an exploration and a declaration with songs about identity, reconciliation and nostalgia. During our conversation, Ola passionately spoke about his Nigerian roots and how they inspired him to make this album. He tells Mandorichard the story of seeing James Brown perform in Lagos, and talks about how growing up in both Nigeria and London has shaped his musical path.

Through the experience of creating his new album, Ola discovered the willingness of his fans to experiment with him and be receptive to his new music. Ola’s humble and positive attitude powerfully came through in his conversation with Mandorichard and his passion for music is what will take this new album to wider audiences around the world.

Learn more about Ola and his new record by checking out the podcast!

The Interview

Ola Onabule hosted by Mandorichard. Recorded Sept. 5, 2016. First aired Sept. 26, 2016.
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The Music

Artist Song Album Year
Ola Onabule Lagos Boy Ambitions for Deeper Breadth 2002
Ola Onablue Soul Town In Emergency, Brake Silence 2005
Ola Onabule Soul Town (CW Remix) Soul Town (remix) – Single 2015
Ola Onabule It’s the Peace That Deafens It’s the Peace That Deafens 2015