The Student Government Association at the University of Delaware serves to represent the undergraduate student population. We are firm in our determination to enhance student life by actively addressing student issues as the liaison among students, faculty, and administration. We strive to foster an empowered University community as a leading influence encouraging all students to Be Heard.

SGA has established the following goals for the 2022-2023 academic year:

Building relationships with the student body to actively engage them in multiple areas.
Increasing transparency by actively promoting accomplishments with the student body.  
Advocacy for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility policies/initiatives for all student identities to be represented in SGA and on campus.

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If you believe in a brighter future for Blue Hens, please consider joining the Student Government Association! If you are passionate about areas including but not limited to student success, diversity & inclusion, mental health and wellbeing, enhancing academics, and more, SGA invites you to join.

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