Past Initiatives

Highlights from Previous Academic Year

Zoom Policy

SGA Senators and Cabinet members advocated for the implementation of Zoom policy that facilitated online learning while also protecting students as they took classes from home.

Recoop Days

Following the announcement that Spring Break would be removed from the Spring 2021 University Calendar, SGA implemented recoop days to compensate for the lack of time off.

Associate in Arts Senator Appointments

In order to better represent the student body, SGA created senator positions for students in the Associate in Arts Program across all three branch campuses.

University Town Halls

In order to fulfill our role as a liaison between the student body and UD Administration, former VP of UA, Kasiyah Tatem, organized town halls through which the student body could directly ask questions to university officials.

Modified Pass/Fail

In the Fall 2020 semester, SGA Cabinet members presented a report of student testimonials to UD Faculty Senate to encourage the continuation of modified pass/fail while students were still learning primarily online.

Faculty Vaccine Mandate

After announcing that all students should be vaccinated prior to the Fall 2021 semester, SGA passed a resolution to be presented at Faculty Senate, encouraging all faculty members to be vaccinated as well.

Highlights From Past Years

Water Bottle Refill Station installations across campus

Printing Stations installed around campus

Late Night Dining brought to Russell Dining Hall