About SGA

The Student Government Association, otherwise known as SGA here at the University of Delaware, is a registered student organization that strives to serve the undergraduate population by making the UD campus a better place for all. Acting as the liaison between students and administration, SGA is able to actively enhance student life on campus. SGA prides itself in allowing all students’ voices, concerns, and opinions about the betterment of UD to be heard. The Student Government Association is composed of students with a wide background of majors from every grade who all believe that student advocacy on campus is indispensable. Throughout the year SGA holds events such as senate meetings to pass proposals to advance campus, student forums where students can ask top administrators their questions, and Campus Safety walks with the UD police to ensure that our campus feels comfortable and secure. We are constantly looking for ways that the University of Delaware can serve its undergraduate population in the most ideal way possible.

Our Constitution

This is where you can find the official Constitution of the Student Government Association, updated in September, 2021. This document outline the structure of SGA, the responsibilities of its members, and the rules by which they conduct themselves.