Recruitment Information

Any student interested in joining a fraternity or sorority must complete the registration form found at www.udel.edu/greekreg. The information submitted on the form will be shared with the appropriate governing council.

Upcoming Recruitment Dates:

*Please note all recruitment activities and information sessions will be held via Zoom*

IFC Recruitment: Events will occur from February 21s through March 10th. Bid acceptance will be on March 12th.

Panhellenic Informal Recruitment: Chapters will be able to recruit after Total is reset (within 1 week of classes starting). Individual chapters will host their own informal recruitment/COB process. For more information, visit udelpanhellenic.com. The list of chapters participating will be provided after Total is reset.


Interfraternity Council

You must register at udel.edu/greekreg to receive a bid. No exceptions are made. Contact joshfink@udel.edu with questions or for more information.

Important Rush Information:

Rush Events will occur from February 21st through March 10th. Bid acceptance will be on March 12th. 


Multicultural Greek Congress

 Attend Meet the Greeks to find out more information about each organization. Intake is handled individually by each chapter. You should contact the chapter directly or follow them on social media to find out more information. Contact ajthorn@udel.edu with questions.

Spring 2021 Meet The Greeks – Thursday, Feb. 18th at 8pm

 Panhellenic Council

To participate in informal recruitment this semester, you must register at udel.edu/greekreg. You must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and earned at least 12 college credit hours to be eligible to participate in informal recruitment this semester. First semester first year students are not eligible for informal recruitment. Contact udpanhel.vpexternalrecruitment@gmail.com with questions. Visit udelpanhellenic.com for more information. Follow @udelpanhellenic on Instagram.

Special Interest Council

Each individual chapter manages their own recruitment process. Contact sbruno@udel.edu with questions.

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