Chapter Recogniton Status

Fraternity and Sorority Recognition Status


The chapters below are recognized by UD, by their national organizations, and by their respective governing councils. They are in good standing, promoting positive aspects of brother/sisterhood, community service, and philanthropy. Their activity level on campus is affected only by their level within the Chapter Assessment Program:

Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Alpha Epsilon Phi
Alpha Gamma Rho
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Kappa Psi
Alpha Omega Epsilon
Alpha Phi
Alpha Phi Alpha
Alpha Sigma Alpha
Alpha Sigma Phi
Alpha Xi Delta
Alpha Zeta
Beta Theta Pi*

Chi Omega
Chi Upsilon Sigma
Delta Chi
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Sigma Theta
Delta Tau Delta
Delta Upsilon^
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Alpha Psi
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta Rho
Lambda Chi Alpha
Lambda Pi Chi
Lambda Sigma Upsilon

Lambda Theta Alpha
Omega Psi Phi
Phi Beta Sigma
Phi Kappa Psi*
Phi Kappa Tau
Phi Sigma Pi
Phi Sigma Kappa
Phi Sigma Sigma
Pi Beta Phi
Pi Kappa Alpha
Pi Kappa Phi
Phi Kappa Sigma^
Sigma Alpha

Sigma Alpha Iota
Sigma Alpha Epsilon*
Sigma Chi^
Sigma Gamma Rho
Sigma Kappa
Sigma Phi Delta
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sigma Pi^
Tau Epsilon Phi^
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Theta Chi
Zeta Beta Tau*
Zeta Phi Beta

^ These chapters are actively establishing
*The chapters below are currently on sanctions from the Office of Student Conduct and Fraternity and Sorority Leadership & Learning. Those that are currently on full suspension should not be recruiting or functioning until their return date.


Social Probation

Social probation limits the chapter from sponsoring or co-sponsoring programs with alcohol on
or off campus. This includes, but is not limited to, date parties, late-night parties, mixers,
formals, and semi-formals.

The organizations listed below are on social probation:

Sigma Alpha Epsilon through December 31, 2022


Disciplinary Probation

Disciplinary Probation is defined as a period of observation and review during which the chapter
must demonstrate the willingness and ability to comply with all University regulations.

The organizations listed below are on disciplinary probation:

Phi Kappa Psi through December 31, 2021
Sigma Alpha Epsilon through May 31, 2022
Zeta Beta Tau through December 31, 2022


Deferred Suspension

Deferred suspension from the University is a period of review during which the student
organization must demonstrate an ability to comply with University rules, regulations, and all
other stipulated requirements. If, during the period of the deferred suspension, the student
organization is found responsible for violating the Code of Conduct again, the organization may
be immediately suspended from the University.

The organizations listed below are on deferred suspension:

Beta Theta Pi through December 31, 2021



Chapters who are suspended may not:

1. Meet as an organization;
2. Recruit members;
3. Engage in social functions of any type;
4. Use University buildings, facilities, property, and equipment;
5. Use University resources, services, or funds;
6. Participate or attempt to participate as an organization in any University event; or
7. Co-sponsor or participate as an organization in another registered/recognized
organization’s activities.

The organizations listed below are suspended:
Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) for Hazing through Spring 2023
Kappa Alpha Order (multiple violations) through Spring 2023
Kappa Sigma (multiple violations/charter revoked by national office) through Spring 2022
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) (multiple violations) through December 31, 2023


Underground Organizations

Please pay particular attention to underground organizations such as “Machi”, “Kapps” and “Apes” which
are former fraternities who have lost recognition due to failure to comply with University policy
yet continue to promote themselves as a fraternity. These groups are not recognized by a
national organization or the University and, therefore function without any oversight. Any
group that is listed as suspended but continues to function would be considered an underground
organization. If you are approached by any of these groups, please contact FSLL at 302-831-


Becoming a Chartered Fraternity or Sorority

Associated groups that are colonies/chapters of national social fraternities and sororities register with the University as “Chartered Fraternities and Sororities.” The University’s expansion policy/procedure for national fraternities and sororities is administered by Fraternity and Sorority Leadership & Learning in conjunction with the student governing body (IFC, MGC, Panhellenic, or SIGC).

  • Associated groups of students interested in establishing a colony/chapter of a national fraternal organization should consult with the Assistant Director of FSLL or his or her designee.
  • Any National Chapter that wants to colonize/re-colonize on the University of Delaware campus must send a written letter of intent to the Assistant Director of FSLL at salowery@udel.edu.
  • In order to assure success in the recognition process, each council may only expand by one new (as opposed to returning) chapter a year if approved by the council.
  • All chapters that wish to colonize/re-colonize must be a member of the NIC, NPC, NPHC or NALFO national organization to have recognized status on campus.
  • If the National Greek organization seeking to re-colonize does not belong to the NIC, NPC, NPHC or NALFO, the national organization must receive an exemption from the Director of FSLL or his or her designee.
  • The University does not allow “local” chapters (those that do not have National affiliations) to be recognized.
  • An advisor from the full-time faculty or exempt staff is required.
  • All colonies and recognized chapters must maintain at least six full-time matriculated undergraduate active members.
  • All recognized fraternities and sororities must participate in the Chapter Assessment Program (CAP). Failure to do so will result in a loss of recognition.


Fraternity and Sorority Insurance Requirement:

All national fraternities and sororities must have at least $1 million of general liability insurance (the “Policy”) in place at all times. The University of Delaware (“University”) must be the certificate holder and an additional insured on the Policy and this coverage must be evidenced by a certificate of insurance and a copy of the endorsement. The Policy of the applicable fraternity/sorority must provide that it is primarily for the University of Delaware unless the claim is caused by the adjudicated negligence of the University. In addition, the Additional Insured protection in the Policy must be provided on a primary basis for the University unless the claim is caused by the adjudicated negligence of the University. No additional exclusions are permitted.

A copy of a certificate of insurance and a copy of the endorsement satisfying the above requirements must be forwarded to the Office of Risk Management annually. Failure to provide the certificate of insurance and a copy of the endorsement satisfying this requirement each year may result in suspension of the fraternity/sorority’s social privileges and use of any University facilities by the fraternity/sorority. Continued failure to provide a certificate of insurance and endorsement in accordance with this policy may result in suspension of recognition by the University.