Leadership & Learning Accreditation Resources and Forms


*If you have not yet submitted this academic year. Please submit by February 25, 2022
*Due February 11, 2022
*Due June 3, 2022 – FSLL encourages chapters to complete event forms immediately following the event so the information is most helpful and the office can track your chapter’s progress.
*Due June 3, 2022 – FSLL encourages chapters to complete this form throughout the year.


This document provides an overview of each category and the required items to each meets, exceeds, or far exceeds expectations in each subcategory. You can download this document to keep track of your chapter’s progress throughout the year.

This document is a copy of the student central form (listed above). Chapters can use this document to see all questions they must answer at the end of the academic year and can keep their own notes so they don’t have to submit the form multiple times.