EEPSA organized a welcome back BBQ and a meet and greet for the new CEEP masters and Ph.D. students on September 5th. EEPSA also held its first academic workshop this semester on September 17 dubbed “Getting Started,” where  speakers presented on various topics such as research design, conceptual vs. theoretical frameworks, problem statement and methodology, and proposal writing.

The objective of the academic workshops is for EEPSA members, to inter alia: (i) present and receive feedback on their research work; (ii) become informed of the cornucopia of research, methodologies, frameworks and exploration that originates from EEPSA community members; and (iii) improve  collaborative potential with other students.  Overall, the result is that presenters should  become more conversant with their dissertation topics and for the audience to be exposed to a panorama of thought that is outside of their conventional means of knowledge acquisition.

EEPSA General Body Meeting

Welcome Back BBQ Event