Below are potential fellowship and funding sources that we have found apply to EEPSA students. Please also see the grant writing and funding 101 introduction material attached.

Proposal Building Blocks: Some important things to remember

  • Purpose – Need, Gap, Solution
  • Audience – Agency, Mission, Program
  • Strategy – Analysis, Competence, Outcome
  • Design – Readable, Navigable, Visual

UD Resources for Searching

The library has a great site to search for all types of funding through many databases. Something important to remember

Grant Writing Workshop PPT

Internal to University of Delaware

The Office of Graduate and Professional Education has multiple resources:

  • The University Graduate FellowsUniversity Graduate ScholarsUniversity Dissertation Fellows are all nomination based awards and so typically either your academic adviser, or Dr. Wang, or JB will nominate you as a part of your graduate stipend.
  • Ongoing/Proposal-based Awards – for example the Professional Development Award is available for travel funds for conferences, etc.
  • See the Opportunities beyond UD for many links
  • For Female students, there are several scholarships and travel grants from the Office of Women’s Affairs. See the Scholarships & Awards page:




Topic: New Energy Leaders Project, (New – 1 Sept 2010), posted by Jeremiah

Americans for Energy Leadership — one of the nation’s foremost energy policy think tanks and advocacy groups led by young people – is seeking applicants for the New Energy Leaders Project, an initiative to empower young thought leaders and help define the next national energy and economic agenda.
What: Selective program for young leaders to engage in high-level readings, writing, research, and discussion at the intersection of energy, economic, and national security policy.
Why: The old energy and climate agenda has failed, and the United States needs a new generation of thought leaders to challenge conventional wisdom and shape the next agenda.
Who: Graduate students, undergrads, and young professionals
Positions: Policy Fellows, Featured Columnists, and Contributors
When: October 2010 – February 2011
Deadline for applications is October 1st, 2010

Topic: Link Foundation Fellowship in the Energy Field, (New – 1 Sept 2010), posted by Jeremiah

In an effort to foster education and innovation in the area of societal production and utilization of energy, the Link Foundation invites fellowship applications.

Students working toward a Ph.D. degree in energy-related fields at universities located in the U.S. or Canada. Fellowships are offered with a duration of 2 years and will be paid in two installments of $25,000. It is anticipated that two or three Link Energy Fellowships will be awarded in 2011. In recent years, over 100 applications have been received. $21,500 is to be used for the Fellow’s stipend, $2,500 is to be used for expenses associated with the Fellow’s research, and $1,000 is to be used for attending one or more technical meetings and/or publication expenses. Applications are due December 1.

The Link Foundation provides funds for direct costs, but does NOT support student tuition, institutional overhead or pooled costs. Additional information. Application materials, a description of evaluation criteria, and other information pertaining to Link Foundation fellowships in the energy area may be found at Other Link Foundation Programs The Link Foundation also offers fellowships in the area of simulation and training ( and fellowships in the area of ocean engineering ( The Link Foundation provides equal opportunity regardless of sex, age, race, color, handicap, sexual orientation and national or ethnic origin and complies with all nondiscrimination laws.