What you’ll find on this page

  • A list of links to both local and national organizations which offer undergraduate and graduate level internships. Someof these organizations have combined job/internship pages, so you may have to navigate a bit further, or search through the listings to find internships.
  • Internships have been grouped into categories, but be aware that many organizations offer a variety of internships and could be placed in several categories.

Where else to look for internships

  • If you’re looking for a summer internship within the department, get involved in CEEP’s research projects at the onset. Talk with the department’s professors and let them know you’re interested in finding a position.

General Tips

  • Summer internships postings usually appear in late fall/early spring. Have your resume and references ready beforehand. Apply early.
  • No internship will make you rich, and the majority are unpaid. Those which have offered some form of compensation in the past are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Nearly all organizations will work with you so that you can receive college credit for your work. The department will allow students to enroll in Internship Fieldwork (ENEP 864) in the fall, for work done during the summer.

 Recent Internship Opportunities