Energy and Environmental Policy Student’s Association (EEPSA) represents a culturally and intellectually diverse graduate and undergraduate student body at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP), at the University of Delaware. EEPSA  presents a wonderful collage of diversity, with members from various cultural and academic backgrounds. A quality that instills CEEP with a richness of perspectives that has over the years become a hallmark of intellectual life at CEEP.

It is great to be EEPSA member, since this provides a unique opportunity to closely interact with people from East Asia, South Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. The class atmosphere is rich in geographical as well as societal perspectives providing students a unique and multifaceted insight into a broad range of topics, explored in the curriculum.

The academic background of EEPSA members typically includes biological and physical sciences as well as social sciences and humanities. Each year the select group of students includes individuals with strong backgrounds in  economics, finance, public policy, sociology, geography, political science, philosophy, engineering, urban planning and environmental studies.  Therefore the intellectual diversity of the EEPSA members manifests in the wide array of their research pursuits that includes climate change, urban sustainable energy policy, environmental policy, environmental justice, sustainable development, water sustainability and equity, nuclear policy and environmental policy, energy efficiency and renewable energy.