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Recent EEPSA Publications:

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“Social Change to Avert Further Climate Change: Defining the Scale of Change and Principles to Guide a New Strategy” 2012.  J. Byrne, L. Kurdgelashvili and J. B. Taminiau. WIREs Energy and Environment Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 17-40.

“A Reformulation of ‘Success’ in the Climate Change Negotiations” 2012.  J. B. Taminiau and  J. Byrne. Joint Implementation Quarterly (JIQ) Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 11-14. Full magazine can found at:

“Supporting Urban Green Infrastructure” 2012. K. Hughes, J. Byrne, J. Caldwell, C. Cruz-Ortiz, C. Dsouza, T. Johnson, M. Schorse, M. Schramm and X. Zhang. Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Project. Newark, DE: Center for Energy and Environmental Policy.

“Policies to Support Community Solar Initiatives: Best Practices to Enhance Net Metering” 2012. K. Hughes, J. Byrne, C. Brunette, B. Dodge, T. Han, P. Kerrane, O. Ohkrimenko, Z. Schafer, A. Smargon, M. Stern and O. Yost. A report of the Renewable Energy Applications for Delaware Yearly (READY) project. Newark, DE: Center for Energy and Environmental Policy.