All faculty/staff and active students will retain their Zoom Pro licensed account while affiliated with UD. However, due to a recent Zoom licensing change, all other user accounts will be changed to Zoom Basic on February 28, 2022. Most accounts will keep Zoom Pro. Learn more about this change.

How is Zoom Basic different from Zoom Pro?

Zoom Basic allows users to keep their Zoom credentials and personal settings, host and attend meetings (including meetings that require UD authentication), access previous cloud recordings, and record meetings locally to their computer.

What will change for Zoom Basic users is that meetings they host will be limited to 40 minutes and they can no longer record to the cloud. 

Is there another way to keep Zoom Pro?

If the student/employee does not meet the requirements for an exception, but they would like to continue to have a Zoom Pro account with unlimited meeting lengths and cloud recording, there are two options: both require a yearly fee paid directly to Zoom. Learn how to transition a UD Zoom account to a personal Zoom account.

If you have questions regarding this change, reach out to