New Canvas Analytics provides improved analytics for tracking student data including grades and weekly online activity. This new tool is planned to replace the existing Course and User Analytics on March 21, 2020, so we are enabling it in all courses starting with the winter session, beginning January 3, 2020, to prepare you for the transition before the existing course and user analytics is deprecated.

Once implemented, your course home page sidebar will be updated with a new link:

Canvas new homepage menu with existing Course Analytics option replaced with New Analytics option

New Analytics provides better analytics for tracking student data using interactive charts and tables.  Course grade or weekly online activity data can be displayed.

If Course Grade is selected, instructors can track average course grades for submissions:

Instructors can filter analytics results to compare the average course grade with a specific section, student, or assignment.  If you want to see the details of a particular assignment, click on its data point to display a summary card of detailed metrics for the assignment.

Weekly online activity is comprised of page views and participation. Average page views is the approximation of student activity across the course and can be used to identify trends in the course. Average participation analytics are defined by specific actions a student takes in the course with respect to actions such as submitting assignments, posting a discussion reply, or taking a quiz.

Both the course grade and weekly online activity can also be viewed in tabular form.

You can also message students through analytics, just click the Send Message link.

You can send targeted messages to select students who meet specific criteria, and message recipients are automatically populated based on selected criteria and applied filters.  

Analytics data is updated every 24 hours, and can be exported as a CSV file according to the filtered data.  CSV files display a student’s full name, sortable name, Canvas user ID, SIS user ID, overall course grade, the percent that assignments have been on time, the last page view time, the last participation time, and the last time the student logged out.

The tool is still in its final stages of deployment, so you may notice a few small changes in the few weeks after the feature is enabled.  So please make sure to refer to the Canvas Guides or the Canvas Gateway page ( for up-to-date information.