Two new LTI tools have been whitelisted for Canvas@UD. They are both editor buttons, which means that, once you install them, they will be available whenever you are working in the Canvas Rich Text (html) Editor.

The Wiris Math Editor is another way to put mathematical symbols into a Canvas wiki (Pages) page. The two biggest differences between the Wiris editor and the default Math Editor are:

  1. In the Wiris editor, you can switch to handwriting mode to draw symbols with your mouse. I was amazed by the accuracy with which the editor rendered my messy symbols as perfect math symbols, even without a proper stylus to draw with. MUCH faster than struggling through the symbol library when creating complex expressions.
  2. The Wiris editor creates human readable alt text for screen readers, for added accessibility.

The Wiris Chemistry Editor makes it easy to enter chemical equations. The editor simplifies the process of adding subscripts, superscripts, reaction arrows and other symbols to your content.

Look for the Wiris Math and Wiris Chemistry editors in the Apps tab in your Canvas course’s Settings tool.

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