Craft Corner

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Pasta Ornaments
Here is a great Christmas project to do with your 4-H club in December.  Make sure there is Christmas music playing in the background and a cup of hot chocolate nearby.
Google DIY pasta Christmas ornaments and watch the pot boil over with ideas. Then YouTube pasta Christmas ornaments to gather some seasoned tips. Grab boxes of several different types and pasta, a glue gun, glue sticks, white glue, spray paint, permanent markers or craft paints, and let the creativity begin.
Cook up personalized pasta angels for each family member.  Paint the hair and eyes to match the person.  If the person is bald, the angel doesn’t need hair.  Then add special items for each angel to hold.  Someone who loved to cook would have a miniature spoon, a hairdresser would have miniature scissors, a carpenter would have a miniature saw, a singer would have a song book- things like that.
When you put away your Christmas decorations, wrap these ornaments and pack them separately so your 4-Her will have them ready to submit to the Delaware State Fair.