Club Reports

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Clover Quest

Clover Quest 4-H Club had their April meeting on the 21st at the Newark Free Library. Kyle Merritt, the president, announced business items. A few possibilities for upcoming service projects were announced, and the one that received the most approval was another night working at Family Promise. Prospective officers for the next school year explained to clubbers why they’re the right person for the job. Kyle and Maya Merritt are running against each other for the position of vice president, Jade Wasgatt is running for secretary, and Katrice Wasgatt is running for president. Finally, members were encouraged to sign up to help at Clover Quest’s Ag Day display.

Then, two nutrition students trained the group on how to run the My Plate display at Ag Day. The display was on how to get enough protein as a vegetarian, and the trainers taught information on this topic with some fun games. The club also divided into age groups to play more games. For snack, Ruth and Faith Schelich served pretty and yummy marshmallow pops. Brianna and Rachel Glessner gave a fun presentation on jelly beans, discussing the history of the candy among other things. They also led the group in jelly bean games. Kyle Merritt adjourned the meeting.