2023 Clothing Showcase

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This event allows 4-H’ers to showcase their sewing skills, consumer skills, or both as they participate in three areas of competition. 4-H’ers can participate in one portion, two portions or all portions of the showcase. 4-H’ers must be present the day of the showcase to interview with the judge for the Clothing Construction Contest and Ready to Wear Contest. 4-H’ers are not required to be present if they are only exhibiting sewing projects..Comprehensive information about the Delaware 4-H Clothing Showcase, including items linked inline below, is available at udel.edu/006678.

  1. Express your interest by completing and submitting the Intent to Participate Form by April 3, 2023.
  2. Prepare for the Clothing Showcase
    1. Read and follow the Clothing Construction Guidelines and/or Ready to Wear Guidelines, and/or the Sewing Contest Scoresheet.
    2. Complete your submission(s) using the Clothing Construction Application, and/or Ready to Wear Portfolio Template, and/or Sewing Display Label
  3. Submit your Clothing Showcase materials to Your Respective County 4-H Office before the deadline of April 17, 2023, close of business (4:30pm).
  4. Attend the Clothing Showcase at New Castle Building, Delaware State Fairgrounds on April 23, 2023. Doors open at 1:30pm.  Showcase will begin at 4:30pm.