Jan. 3, 1918

The Golden Triangle: Return of Arsène Lupin

Maurice Le Blanc

Detective Story (War Background)

A. L. Burt Co.

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 7, 1918

The Three Things 

Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews

Novelette (The War)

“The Greatest Story the War Has Produced.”

Little, Brown & Co.

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 8, 1918

The Deserter

Richard Harding Davis

(His Last Story)

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 11, 1918

Fifty-One Tales

Lord Dunsany

Little, Brown & Co.

Strange musings, rather than tales.

Wilm. Del.



Jan. 12, 1918

The Confessions of a Little Man During Great Days

Leonid Andreyev

Trans. from Russian by R. S. Townsend

A peculiarly heart-searching diary of the war in Russia

Alfred A. Knopf

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 13, 1918

The Red Rugs of Tarsus

Helen Davenport Gibbons

A Woman’s Record of the Armenian Massacre of 1909.

The Century Co.

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 14, 1918

Paz and Pablo

Reader for Philippine Schools

World Book Co.

Wilm. Del.



Jan. 23, 1918

Industrial Studies and Exercises

O. S. Reinold

Text Book in Industrial Education for Filipino Schools.

World Book Co.

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 29, 1918

Under the Blue Sky

Pierre F. du Pont[i]

Geo. W. Jacobs & Co.

Poems – Occasional Verse

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 30 1918

Mystery Tales

Compiled by Elva S. Smith

Lothrop, Lee & Shepherd Co.

Collection of supernatural stories and poems.

Wilm. Del.



Feb. 9, 1918

A Hilltop on the Marne

Letters written June 3 – Sept. 8, 1914

By Mildred Aldrich

Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

Wilm. Del.


Feb. 15, 1918

The Firefly of France

Marion Polk Angellotti

Sat. Evening Post Serial

War Story

Wilm. Del.


Feb. 20, 1918


Kathleen Norris

Doubleday, Page & Co.


Wilm. Del.


Feb. 27, 1918


Richard Le Gallienne

The Bodley Head

Wilm. Del.



Feb. 28, 1918

A Lover’s Diary

Gilbert Parker

Sonnet Sequence

Macmillan Co.

Wilm. Del.


Mch. 5, 1918

The Lyric Year

Edited by Ferdinand Earle

Lyrics of the Year 1912

Mitchell Kennerley

Wilm. Del.


Mch. 10, 1918

[X] The Firefly of France[ii]

Marion Polk Angellotti

Sat. Evening Post Serial

War Story

Wilm. Del.


Mch. 23, 1918

The Diva’s Ruby

F. Marion Crawford


Macmillan Co.

Wilm. Del.



April 2, 1918

The Advance of the English Home

Wm. Lyon Phelps


Dodd, Mead & Co.

Wilm. Del.


April 3, 1918

Love in Our Village

Orme Agnus

Short Stories of English Peasants

Page & Co.

Wilm. Del.


April 4, 1918

Jan Oxber

Orme Agnus

Novel as above

Page & Co.

Wilm. Del.


April 7, 1918

The Transactions of Lord Louis Lewis

Roland Pertwee

Short Stories with connecting thread

Dodd, Mead, & Co.

Wilm. Del.



April 15, 1918

Lost Endeavour

John Masefield

Macmillan Co.

Romance of Adventure in early days of Virginia colony, 1690.

Wilm. Del.


November 1917

The Socialized Recitation

Charles [?] Whiting[iii]

Educational Text Book

Wilm. Del.


November 1917

Motivation of School Work

[H. B.] Wilson & [G. M.] Wilson

Educational Text Book

Wilm. Del.


May 1, 1917

Shot with Crimson

George Barr McCutcheon

Novel of German spies in America

Sat. Evening Post Serial

Wilmington, Del.



April 22, 1918


William J. Locke


John Lane Co.

On Train from Hbg. [Harrisburg] Pa. to William


May 2, 1918

The Agony Column

Earl Derr Biggers


Bobbs-Merrill Co.

Wilmington, Del.


May 4, 1918


Vance Thompson

Clever, epigrammatic exposition of the whole sex-subject.

Century Co.

Wilmington, Del.


May 3

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Another “Tarzan!”

A. L. Burt Co.

Wilm. Del.



May 5, 1918

Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise

David Graham Phillips

Century Co.

2 vols. Novel

Type of propaganda of the Socialists like the “Jungle”, “Woman Thou Gavest Me”, “House of Bondage.” Honor literally piled on honor. Ending good.


May 14, 1918

My Country: A Story of Today

Geo. Rothwell Brown

Small, Maynard, & Co.

German spy novel

Wilm. Del.


May 18, 1917[iv]


Edwin Arlington Robinson


Poem, Arthurian Legend. Continuation of Tennyson’s Idylls. Ambitious, not thin.

Wilm. Del.



May 22, 1918

The Blue-Eyed Manchu

Achmed Abdullah

Robert J. Shores Pub.

Anti-Asiatic propaganda in the form of a novel.

Wilm. Del.


July 4, 1918

Stamboul Nights

H. C. Dwight

Doubleday, Page, & Co.

Short Stories of the Bosphorus

Wilm. Del.


July 16, 1918

Magnificent Adventure

Emerson Hough

D. Appleton & Co.

“This being the story of the World’s Greatest Exploration and the Romance of a very Gallant Gentlman.”

Story of Lewis & Clark exploration of the Great Northwest.



Aug. 6, 1918

The Man Who Was Thursday

G. K. Chesterton

A Fantasy

Washington D.C.


Aug. 9, 1918

American Women and the World War

Ida Clyde Clark


Washington D.C.


Aug 9. 1918

Women War Workers

Gilbert Stone

T. Y. Crowell

Account of English Women in War Work.

Washington D.C.


Aug. 10, 1918

Re-Education: An Analysis of the Institutional System of the United States

Geo. E. Barton

Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

Washington D.C.



Aug. 12, 1918

Our Part in the Great War

Arthur Gleason

Fred A. Stokes Co.

Washington D.C.


September 16, 1918

In the Days of the Guild

L. Lamprey

Children’s Stories of Medieval England

Fred A. Stokes Co.

Wilmington, Del.


October 14, 1918

Wuthering Heights

Emily Brontë


Elkton, Maryland


Nov. 4, 1918

The Enemy

Randolph and Lillian Chester

Temperance Novel


Wilmington, Delaware



Nov. 6, 1918

Nobody’s Child (Sans Famille)

Translated from the French of Hector Malot by Florence Crew Jones

Cupples and Leon

Wilmington, Delaware


Nov. 7, 1917

The Chinese Nightingale and Other Poems

Vachel Lindsay

Macmillan Company

Wilmington, Del.


Nov. 10, 1918

The Negro in Art and Literature

B. G. Brawley


Macmillan Co.

Wilmington, Del.



Nov. 17, 1918

Travels with a Donkey

Robert Louis Stevenson

Travel (Delicious)

Herbert B. Turner & Co.

Wilmington, Del.


Nov. 23, 1918

The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton

E. Phillips Oppenheim

Little, Brown & Co.


Wilmington, Del.


Dec. 1, 1918

Lucky Seven

John Taintor Foote

Short Stories

Wilmington, Del.



Dec. 14, 1918

The Lifted Veil

Basil King


Harper Bros.

Wilmington, Del.


Dec. 15, 1918

Faulkner’s Folly

Carolyn Wells

Detective Novel

Geo. H. Doran Co.

Wilmington, Del.


Dec. 26, 1918

Ninety-Six Hour’s Leave

[Stephen] McKenna

Geo. H. Doran Co.


Wilmington, Del.


1918 – 54

Fiction – 27

Essays & Travel – 9

Social Studies – 11

Poetry – 5

History – 2 / 54



[i] Phillip Francis du Pont de Nemours (1878-1928).

[ii] Crossed out by Dunbar-Nelson as a repeat entry.

[iii] Dunbar-Nelson was most likely referring to Walter C. Winston in this entry.

[iv]  It is possible that Dunbar-Nelson recorded the wrong year for this entry. Judging from the other entries, 1918 is probably the correct year in which she read this title.

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