Jan. 1

The Mystery Woman

Alice MacGowan

Perry Newberry

Detective Novel

Grosset & Dunlap

W’ton. Del.


Jan. 6

The Glenlitten Murder

E. Phillips Oppenheim

A. L. Burt & Co.

Detective Novel

W’ton. Del.


Jan. 7

Fatal Interview

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Sonnet Sequence

Harper Bros.

W’ton. Del.




                        Jan. 7

A Room in Berlin

Günther Birkinfeld

Translated from German by Eric Sutton

A most remarkable and poignant novel.

Horace Liveright

W’ton. Del.


Jan. 13

Grapes of Canaan

Elma Ehlrich Levinger

The Stratford Co.

A delightful novel of Wilmington and Wilmingtonian-Jews by a Jewess.

W’ton. Del.




Jan. 16


Remy de Gourmont

Trans. by Frederic Reeves Ashfield

Blue Faun Publications – NY

Exquisite short stories all but 2 – Gray and Saffron which are by Ashfield – not Gourmont

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 18

The Holy Experiment

Violet Oakley

Being the grand illuminated mural of the history of Wm. Penn & Pennsylvania with the explanation of the mural paintings of the capitol of Harrisburg. Done by hand.

History –

Harrisburg, Pa.




Jan. 23

Murder in the Squire’s Pew

J. S. Fletcher

Alfred A. Knopf

Detective Novel

Wil. Del.


Jan. 26

The Case with Nine Solutions

J. J. Connington [i]

Detective Novel

Little, Brown & Co.

Wil. Del.


Jan. 29

The Chinaberry Tree

Jessie Fausett [ii]

Very excellent novel of Negro life.

Stokes Co.

Wil. Del.




Jan. 30

The Big Pink

Hugh MacNair Kahler

Serial Novel – Collier’s Weekly

W’ton. Del.


Feb. 1

The Umbrella Murder

Carolyn Wells

Lippincott Co.

Detective Thriller

W’ton. Del.


Feb. 3

Twilight Men

Andre Tellier

Greenberg Co.

Novel. A male Well of Loneliness, but not so beautiful.

W’ton. Del.



Feb. 8 / 32

My First 2000 Years

George Sylvester Viereck and Paul Eldridge

Gold Label Books

A most remarkable & chilling narrative – the autobiography of the Wandering Jew.

W’ton. Del.


Feb. 10

The Undercurrent

Fay Ehlert

Samuel French & Co.


Wilm. Del.



Feb. 16


Olive Wadsley

Dodd, Mead & Co.

Novel: A “singer circus” sort of story.

W’ton. Del.


Feb. 18

The Greek

Tiffany Thayer

Albert & Chas. Boni

Novel: Fantastic, unreal, but amusing literature.

W’ton. Del.


Feb. 24

Martin’s Summer

Vicki Baum

Cosmopolitan Corporation


Phila. Pa.



Feb. 28

Call Her Savage

Tiffany Thayer

Novel – Unusual, of course … suggests Fay Jackson [iii]

Claude Kendall – Publisher

W’ton. Del.


Mch. 6

Loads of Love

Anne Parrish


Novel – Delightful

W’ton. Del.


Jan. [n.d.]

Rackety Rax

Joel Sayre

[Serial – American] Mercury – Novel

W’ton. Del.



Mch. 15

Thirteen Men

Tiffany Thayes

Novel – Perhaps, Biographies of 13 men. Tiffany Thayer at [his] best.

Claude Kendall – Pub.

W’ton. Del.


Mch. 29

One Way to Heaven

Countee Cullen

Novel – Pointless. Needless.


Phila. Pa.


March 30

Rise of American Civilization Vol. II

Chas. A. & Mary R. Beard

Macmillan Co.


Wilm. Del.



Apl. 9


Anonymous (and it should be)

Macaulay Company

W’ton. Del.


Apl. 16

The Golden Years

[Sir Phillip Armand] Hamilton Gibbs

Novel – of years gone. Very lovely.


W’ton. Del.


Apl. 16

American Beauty

Edna Ferber


Doubleday, Doran & Co.

W’ton. Del.



April 26

The Missing Millions

Edgar Wallace

Mystery thriller

A. L. Burt & Co.

Phila. Pa.


May 7

All Passion Spent

V. Sackville West

Doubleday, Doran & Co.

Exquisite –

W’ton. Del.


May 19

Infants of the Spring

Wallace Thurman

Awful –

Between Richmond Va. & Wash. D.C.



May 8

Our Times [iv]

Mark Sullivan 2. Vols.

Harper Bros.



Wil. Del.


May 25

The Good Earth

Pearl [S.] Buck

Lovely story of China

John A. Day Co.

Wil. Del.


                        May 31


Rhoda Truax

E. P. Dutton

Novel – unique

Wil. Del.



June 12

Bright Skin

Julia Peterkin

Novel – Slow motion picture


W’ton. Del.


June 12

The Brown Thrush

Anthology of Negro College Verse

Edited by Lillian W. Voorhees

Robt. W. O’Brien


Talladega [college] & Tougaloo [college]

Lawson-Roberts Pub. Co.



June 13

Nature Notes and Impressions

Madison Cawein

Poetry and Revery in Prose [v]

E. P. Dutton & Co.

Wil. Del.


June 13

Arbor Day in Poetry

Poems chosen by Com. Carnegie Library School Assn. [vi]

H. W. Wilson Co.

Wil. Del.


June 13

Cheiro’s Book of Numbers


Garden City Pub. Co.

Wil. Del.



June 15

A Modern Hero

Louis Bromfield

Fred A. Stokes Co.


Wil. Del.


June 20

Our Darktown Press

Mrs. Octavus Roy Cohen

(Inez) [Lopez]

Collection of “Boners” from Negro newspapers.

D. Appleton & Co.

W’ton. Del.


June 23


Claude Mackaye

Short Stories – Harper Bros.

W’ton. Del.



July 5

Old Wine & New

Warwick Deeping


Alfred A. Knopf

New York


July 9

Murder in the French Room

Helen Joan Hultman

Mystery League


Wil. Del.


July 13

Late September

Gladys Johnson

Novel –

Macrae Smith Co.

Wil. Del.



Aug. 4

20,000 Years in Sing Sing

Warden Lewis E. Lawes, Ray Long, R. Smith

Autobiography & Essay on Social Problems.

W’ton. Del.


Aug. 8

Secret Sentence

Vicki Baum

Trans. by Eric Sutton

Doubleday, Doran & Co.


W’ton. Del.


Aug. 10

The Store

T. S. Stribling

Doubleday, Doran


Superlative! Po’ Whites & Negroes in Alabama.

W’ton. Del.



Aug. 12

Shoe the Wild Horse

Gene Fowler

Horace Liveright

Novel. Exotic, interesting trash.

Wilm. Del.


Aug. 18


J. B. Priestley

Novel. Thrilling

Wilm. Del.


Aug. 31

Miss Pinkerton

Mary Roberts Rinehart

Detective Novel

Farrar & Rinehart

Ocean City, N.J.



Sept. 1 / 32

The Green Ribbon

Edgar Wallace

The usual thriller. Novel.

Crime Club. Pub.

Ocean City, N.J.


Sept. 9

Michael’s Evil Deeds

E. Phillips Oppenheim

Little, Brown & Co.

Mystery Novel

Phila. Pa.


Sept. 12

The Conjure Man Dies

Rudolph Fisher

The first Negro mystery novel

Covici Freide

Wilm. Del.



Sept. 15 / 32

Obscure Destines

Willa Cather

Short Stories (3)

Alfred A. Knopf

Wilm. Del.




Fannie Hurst

A. L. Burt & Co.


Phila. Pa.



Sept. 28

The Murderer Returns

Edwin Dial Torgerson

Richard R. Smith N.Y. Pub.

Mystery Story. Clever Cat.

Wilm. Del.


Oct. 6

Lark Ascending

Marzo de la Roche

Little, Brown & Co.

Novel. Most amusing. But not Jalna

Wilm. Del.


Oct. 17

Rueful Mating

G. B. Stern

Alfred A. Knopf

Novel. Romeo & Juliet In modern dress, with a happy ending

Train, bet. W’ton & Phila.



Oct. 26

Peter Ashley

Du Bose Heyward

Farrar & Rinehart

Novel – but far from Mamba’s Daughters. About the firing on Fort Sumter.

Wilm. Del.


Oct. 31

The Calendar

Edgar Wallace

Mystery Novel

Doubleday, Doran

Phila. Pa.



Nov. 9

The Castleford Conundrum

J. J. Connington


Little, Brown & Co.

Wil. Del.


Dec. 7


Rian James

Clever caricature of Rudy Vallee [viii]

Alfred H. King

Wil. Del.



[i] Pseudonym for Alfred Walter Stewart (1880-1947), a British chemist and novelist from Glasgow.

[ii] Harlem Renaissance period writer Jessie Redmond Fauset (1882-1961) maintained a casual friendship with Dunbar-Nelson for a number of years.

[iii] Fay Jackson Robinson (1902-1908) was an esteemed Los Angeles-based African American journalist with whom Dunbar-Nelson had a short-lived but spirited affair during her visit to California.

[iv] Bibliographic records indicate that Mark Sullivan’s Our Times: Turn of the Century (1926) was actually published by Charles Scribners’ Sons.

[v] The use of the term “revery” in this entry is an antiquated, alternate spelling for the word “reverie,” roughly meaning musings or meditations.

[vi] Committee of the Carnegie Library School Association.

[vii] Pseudonym of Irish-born late-nineteenth and early twentieth century Astrologer and occultist, William John Warner (1866-1936, also known as Count Louis Hamon).

[viii] Dunbar-Nelson is likening the novel to the life of Hubert Prior “Rudy” Vallée (1901-1986) in this entry, as he was part of the first generation of singer/actor celebrities to emerge in the adolescent popular culture of the twentieth century.

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