Title Index

Index to Books Read A

Aristocrats, The

Gertrude Atherton. Page 30.

Awakening of Helen Richie                                 

Margaret Deland. Page 50.

August Boeckh’s Theory of Scholarship

Antoinette Green. Page 110.

An Apology for Poetry

Sir Philip Sidney. P. 140.

Art of Writing (The)

L. Stevenson. P. 162.

Aunt Jane of Kentucky

Eliza Calvert Hall. P. 218.

B Index to Books Read

Bible as English Literature, The

H. Gardenir. Page 76.

Before Adam

Jack London. Page 86.

Blood Will Tell

            Benj. Rush Davenport. P. 96.

Bion, Theocritus & Moschus

Trans. By Andrew Lang. P. 112.

Brass Bowl, The

Louis Js. Vance. P. 144.

Bottle Imp, The

L. Stevenson. P. 156.

Blot in the ‘Scutcheon

Browning. P. 170.

Biographia Literaria

T. Coleridge. P. 184.

Index to Books Read C


            Winston Churchill. Page 8.

Concerning Paul and Fiamnetta

Allen Harker. Page 38.


Shakespeare. Page 58.

Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard, The  

Anatole France. Page 68.

Call of the Blood, The

            Robert Hichens, Page 74.

Clouds, The

            Aristophanes. P. 168.

Classical Mythology in Shakespeare

Robert Kilburn Root, P. 202.

Index to Books Read D

Index to Books Read E

Editorial Wild Oats

            Mark Twain. Page 24.

Emperor and Galilean

            Henrik Ibsen. Page 54.

Exposition in Classroom Practice

Mitchell & Carpenter. Page 102.

Eve’s Diary

Mark Twain. Page 138.

English Literary Criticism

E. Vaughn. P. 140.

Empedocles on Aetna

            Matthew Arnold. P. 158.

Essay on the Sublime and Beautiful

            Edmund Burke. P. 166.

Early Life of Wordsworth

Emile Legouis. P. 180.

English Verse

M. Alden. P. 192.

F Index to Books Read

Franklin, Benjamin

Autobiography. Page 60.

Far From the Maddening Girls

Guy Wetmore Carryl. Page 78.

Index to Books Read G

Gargantua and Pantagruel

Rabelais. Page 2.

Gareth & Lynette

Tennyson. Page 126.

Grundriss der Historik

Johann Gustav Droyen

Trans. By E. Benj. Andrews, Page 128.

Ghetto Comedies

Israel Zangwill. P 136.


            Thomas Carlyle. P. 141.

Hedda Gabler

Henrik Ibsen. Page 42.

Henry Esmund

W. Thackeray. P. 92.

History of the English Language

Moody and Lovett. P. 94.

How the Ancients Represented Death

E. Lessing. P. 146

Index to Books Read I

In Memoriam

            Tennyson. Page 114.

Introduction to the Study of History

Langlois & Seignobos. Page 114.

Illiad, The, Homer

Tr. By Lang, Leaf, & Myers. P. 134.

J Index to Books Read

Jungle, The

             Upton Sinclair. Page 14.


Dorothy Wordsworth. P. 186.


Clara Louise Burnham. P. 216.

Index to Books Read K

Kipling, Rudyard

Puck of Pook’s Hill. Page 64.

L Index to Books Read

The Little White Bird

M. Barrie. Page 3.

Little Eyolf

            Henrik Ibsen. Page 34.

Lady from the Sea

            Henrik Ibsen.. 46

Love’s Comedy

            Henrik Ibsen.. 48

Lion and the Mouse, The

Charles Klein. Page 100.

Life of Charlemagne, Eginhard or Einhard

Tr. By Samuel Epes Turner. Page 122.

Lady of the Lake

Walter Scott. P. 124.


E. Lessing. P. 146.

Life of Constantine, Eusebius

Tr. By Richardson. 160.

Literary Criticism, Wordsworth

Edited by Nowell C. Smith

Lyrical Ballads, 1798

            Wordsworth & Coleridge.

Index to Books Read M

Madame de Treymes

            Edith Wharton. Page 80.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

            William Shakespeare. Page 98.

Moschus, Theocritus & Bion

Trans. by Andrew Lang. P. 112.

Margaret Ogilvy

M. Barrie. P. 148.

Memoirs of William Wordsworth

            Christopher Wordsworth.

Ed. by Hy. Reed. P. 182

Memoirs of Coleorton

            Ed. by William Knight. P. 190.

N Index to Books Read

New Canterbury Tales

            Maurice Hewlett. Page 28.

New Chronicles of Rebecca

Kate Douglass Wiggin. Page 88.

Index to Books Read O

Outline of Historical Method

Fred Morrow Fling. P. 118.

Outlines of Principles of History

(Johann Gustav Droyen)

Trans. by E. Benj. Andrews. P. 128.

Odyssey, The

Tr. by Butcher & Lang. P. 132.

On the Metaphysical Poets

Samuel Johnson. P. 140.

On Poetic Genius & Poetic Diction

Samuel T. Coleridge. P. 140.

On the Artificial Comedy of the Last Century.

Charles Lamb. P. 140

On Webster’s Duchess of Malfi

            Charles Lamb. P. 140

On Ford’s Broken Heart

            Charles Lamb. P. 140.

P Index to Books Read

Photographs of Birds

Earnest Thompson-Seton. P. 16.

Peer Gynt

Henrik Ibsen. Page 62.

Puck of Pook’s Hill

            Rudyard Kipling. P. 64.


Mary Cholmondeley. || 66.

Psychological Principles of Education, The

            Herman Harrell Horne. Page 70.

Pearl, Unknown. Trans. by

Weir Mitchell || 116.

Preface to the Fables

John Dryden. P. 140.

Principles of English Verse

Charlton M. Lewis. P. 152.

Prose Poetry of Thos. De Quincey

            Lane Cooper. P. 178.

Prometheus & Other Dramas

Aeschylus. P. 188.

Prefaces & Essays in Poetry

William Wordsworth. P. 194.

Index to Books Read Q

Paradise Regained – P. 196.

Milton, Edited by Henry J. Todd

Poems of 1807. Wordsworth.

Ed. by Hutchinson. P. 210

R Index to Books Read

Reynard the Fox

            Unknown. Page 36.

Rosmersholm. Henrik Ibsen. || 44.

Index to Books Read S

Sophy of Kravonia

Anthony Hope – Page 10.

Seven Lamps for the Teacher’s Way

J. Hill. Page 90.[i]

Study and Teaching of History

B. Adams. Page 104.

Sketch Book.

Washington Irving. Page 108.

Sesame and Lilies.

John Ruskin. || 120.

Sandro Botticelli. Walter Pater || 141.

Sunkem Bell, The

            Gerhart Hauptman. P. 142.

Strafford, Robert Browning. P. 172.

Select Translations from Scaliger’s Poetics

Fred Morgan Padelford. P. 204.

Selections from Wordsworth

Edward Dowden. P. 212.

T Index to Books Read

Tartarin of Tarascon

            Alphonse Daudet. Page 4.

Tess of the D’Urbervilles

            Thomas Hardy. Page 18.

That Mainwaring Affair

Maynard Barbour

Page 21.

The House of a Thousand Candles

            Meredith Nicholson

Page 26.

Tartuffe, Les Précieuses Ridicules & George Dandin

            Molière. Page 22.

The Tides of Barnegat – Page 52

Francis Hopkinson Smith

Theocritus, Bion & Moschus

            Andrew Lang. Page 112.

Theory of Poetry and the Fine Arts

Tr. by S. H. Butcher

Index to Books Read UV

Very Small Person, The

            Annie Hamilton Donnell. Page 84.

Virginian, The

            Owen Wister. Page 164.


Treatise on Painting (A)

            Leonardo Da Vinci. P. 154.

Tr. by John Francis Rigaud

Treatise on the Sublime

Longinus. P. 174.

Tr. by H. A. Havell[ii]

Introd. By Andrew Lang

Treasure of the Humble, (The)

Maurice Maeternick  

Timber or Discoveries

Ben Johnson.

Ed. by F. E. Schelling. P. 222.

W Index to Books Read

Week on the Concord on Merrimac, A.

Henry David Thoreau. P. 140

White Fang,

Jack London. Page 72.

Wordsworth’s Poems & Essays || 176.

Wordsworth in Urteile seiner Zeit P. 198

Karl Bomig.

William Wordsworth. In Eng. Men of

Letters Series

W. H. Meyers. Page 220

Index to Books Read XYZ



[i] Frank A. Hill.

[ii] H. V. Havell.

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