Jan. 13, 1922

Dangerous Ages

Rose Macaulay

Boni & Liveright

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 12, 1922

Men of Affairs

Roland W. Pertwee

Serial. Sat Eveg. Post

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 20

The Colonization of North America

Herbert Eugene Bolton and Thos. Maitland Marshall

Macmillan – History

Wilm. Del.



Jan. 21

Prisoner Spaniards in North America

William Henry Johnson


Little, Brown & Co.

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 22

Spain in America

Edward Gaylord Browne


Harper Bros.

Wilm. Del.


March 20, 1922

White Shadows in the South Seas

Frederick O’Brien


The Century Co.

Wilmington, Del.



March 27, 1922


T. S. Stribling

Century Magazine Serial

Novel of the race question

Wilm. Del.


April 16, 1922

Mary Stuart

John Drinkwater


Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

Wilm. Del.


April 21, 1922

The Book of American Negro Poetry

Edited by James Weldon Johnson


Harcourt, Brace & Howe

New Haven, Connecticut


May 11, 1922

If Winter Comes

A. M. S. Hutchinson[i]


Little, Brown & Co.

Wilm. Del.



May 13, 1922

Merton of the Movies

Harry Leon Wilson

Doubleday, Page & Co.


Wilm. Del.


May 16, 1922

White and Black

H. A. Shands

“A novel of half a dozen families in a Texas cotton-raising community… inescapable picture of tangled human relations where two races live side by side.”

Harcourt, Brace & Co.

Wilm. Del.

May 17, 1922

Miss Lulu Bett

Zona Gale

Chi. Daily News (Serial)

Wilm. Del.



May 26

Why Die So Young

John B. Huber

Popular Medicine


Wilm. Del.


May 24, 1922

Souls for Sale

Rupert Hughes

Serial in Red Book

Novel of the movie colony in Hollywood

Wilm. Del.


April 20, 1922

The Old Maid

Edith Wharton

Serial Red Book


Wilm. Del.



May 5, 1922

Goldie Green

Samuel Merwin

Serial Novel Sat. Evening Post

Wilm. Del.


June 1, 1922

The Number One Boy

John Tantor Foote

Serial Novelette. Sat. Evening Post

Wilm. Del.


June 17

Winesburg Ohio [ii]

Sherwood Anderson

Boni & Liveright

Short Stories

Wilm. Del.


June 24

Children of the Mist

George Madden Martin

D. Appleton & Co.

Short Stories of the Negro life told by a sympathetic Southern with woman.

Wilm. Del.



June 26

Harlem Shadows

Claude McKay


Harcourt, Brace & Howe

Wilm. Del.


June 28

J. Poindexter, Colored

Irving Cobb

Serial Novelette. Saturday Evening Post

Wilm. Del.


June 28

Gentle Julia

Booth Tarkington


Doubleday, Page & Co.

Wilm. Del.


July 4

Pan and the Twins

Eden Phillpotts

Rather didactic narrative of Rome in the early Christian Era.

Macmillan Co.

Wilm. Del.



July 8

Heart the Woman

G. Gardner Sullivan

Photo Play with continuity


Palmer Corporation

Wilm. Del.


July 9

The Man Under Cover

Louis Victor Eytinge

Palmer Photoplay Corporation

Photo Play Synopsis

Wilm. Del.


July 9

Double Speed

J. Stewart Woodhouse

Palmer Photoplay Corporation

Photo Play Synopsis

Wilm. Del.


July 15

The Palmer Handbook of Scenario Construction

Frederick Palmer Vol. I

Palmer Photo Play Corporation


Trolly bet Phila. & Wilm.



July 23

“I Have on Myself to Blame”

Elizabeth (Princess) Bibesco

Geo. H. Doran Co.

Short Stories – each about some love affair –

Wilm. Del.


July 24

Photo-Play Plot Encyclopedia

Frederick Palmer

Palmer Photo-Play Corporation

Encyclopedia of Plot Analysis of the 36 Situations

Wilm. Del.


July 25

Palmer Handbook of Scenario Construction Vol. II

Frederick Palmer

Palmer Photo Play Corporation


Wilm. Del.



July 25


E. M. Delafield


Macmillan Co.

Wilmington, Del.


Aug. 1

The Sheik

E. M. Hall

Sewall, Maynard & Co.


Wilm. Del.


Aug. 4

The Breaking Point

Mary Roberts Rinehart

Serial Novel McClure’s Magazine

Dover, Del.


Aug. 10

Anthology of Magazine Verse

William Stanley Braithwaite

Sewall, Maynard & Co.


Wilmington, Del.



Aug. 19


Samuel Hopkins Adams

A striking novel of Journalism where Arthur Brisbane and Wm. Randolph Hearst are leading characters very thinly disguised.

Bobbs-Merril Co.

Wilmington, Del.


Aug. 29

The Bright Shawl

Joseph Hergesheimer

Serial Novel The Red Book

Wilmington, Del.


Sept. 7


Katherine Newlands [iii]

Serial Novel. Evening Public Ledger

Wilmington. Del.



Sept. 12

The Deaves Affair

Hulbert Footner

Silly Mystery story with John D. Rockefeller a possible prototype.

Geo. H. Doran Co.

On train between N.Y. and Phila.


Sept. 22


René Maran

Trans. from the French by Adele Szold Seltzer

Pub. by Thos. Seltzer

Novel of African life by an African which won the Prix Goncourt for 1922.

Wilm. Del.


Sept. 24

A Son of the Sahara

Louise Gerard

The Macaulay Co.

Like The Sheik, only much better.



Oct. 3, 1922

The Lost Ambassador

E. Phillips Oppenheim

Novel (Re-read)

On train between Lewes and Laurel, Del.


Oct. 7, 1922

Kimona [iv]

John Paris

(The novel was suppressed in Japan. Serial in Chicago Daily News.)

Wilmington, Del.


Oct. 21

The Glimpses of the Moon

Edith Wharton



Wilm. Del.

                               Nov. 15


Oscar Wilde


Little Leather Library

On train between Stamford & Norwich, Conn.



Nov. 15

Bab Ballads

W. S. Gilbert


Little Leather Library

On train between Stamford and Norwich, Conn.


Nov. 18

The Witch of Marchmont

Jeanette Walworth

Mystery Novel – Serial Chicago News.

Wilm. Del.


Nov. 23

A Girl of the Films

Rob Wagner

Novel of Hollywood

Serial Red Book

On train coming from Hartford, Conn.


Dec. 3


Clement Wood


E. P. Dutton & Co.

Wilm. Del.



                               Dec. 9

The Practice of Auto-Suggestion by the Method of Emile Coué

C. Harry Brooks

Dodd, Mead & Co.

Wilm. Del.


Dec. 16

The Curse of the Door

Clara Morris Diggs

Race Novel – propaganda badly done.

Cornill Pub. Co.

Jersey City, N.J.


Dec. 23


Sinclair Lewis


Harcourt, Brace & Co.

Wilm. Del.




Résumé 1922

52 Books Read

Novels – 31

Drama – 5

Text Books – 5

Travel – 1

Essays – 0

Histories – 3

Poetry – 4

Short Stories – 3




[i] The correct order for the initials is A. S. M., as in Arthur Stuart-Menteth Hutchinson. Dunbar-Nelson corrects the error in later entries.

[ii] Dunbar-Nelson notes here that upon finishing this title, she had read approximately nineteen books in twenty-five weeks, leaving her four books behind a personal schedule that she had set for herself—a schedule that she had not made explicit in the journal.

[iii] Katherine Newlin Burt.

[iv] Dunbar-Nelson misspelled the title in this entry, actually spelled Kimono. In addition, “John Paris” is the pen name of the author Frank Ashton-Gwatkin.

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