Jan. 7

An Autumn Love Cycle

Georgia Douglas Johnson[i]

Harold Vinal Co.




Jan. 24

The White Girl

Vera Caspary

Sears & Co.


Another “Flight” affair.

Wilm. Del.


Jan. 27

Lily Christine

Michael Arlen

Doubleday, Doran & Co.


New York


Feb. 4

Mamba’s Daughters

Du Bose Heyward

The Literary Guild Selection for Feb.

Novel. The best “Race” novel yet.

Wilm. Del.




Feb. 5

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: The American Negro

Edited by Donald Young, Ph.D.

Phila. Pa.


Feb. 14

Joseph and His Brethren

H. W. Freeman

Novel – after the Thomas Hardy style. The farm is the protagonist

Henry Holt Co.

On train between Balti. and W’ton.


Feb. 16

The Blacker the Berry

Wallace Thurman

Macaulay (Pub)

One of “those” race novels. Why

On train between N.Y. & W’ton.


Feb. 21

Dark Laughter

Sherwood Anderson

Grosset & Dunlap


On train between Plainfield, N.J. & Phila.



Feb. 24

The Magic Island

W. B. Seabrook

The Literary Guild.

Narrative of Haiti – all Voodoo, the social life, all. Masterfully done.

Wilmington, Del.


Feb. 25

Nigger to Nigger

Dr. C. E. Adams

Satire under the guise of folk tales. Better

Scribner’s Sons.

On train between Glenside & Phila.


March 18

The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg

Louis Bromfield

Strange & mysterious novel – like Hawthorne’s Marble Faun

Fred A. Stokes

Wilm. Del.


March 21

Black Sadie

T. Bowyer Campbell

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Another rotten Negro novel

On train bet. Phila. & W’ton



March 29

Black America

Scott Nearing

The Vanguard Press

Sociological Study – well done

Phila. Pa.


March 31

Plum Bun

Jessie Redmond Fauset

Fred A. Stokes

A “Race” novel

Wilm. Del.


April 11

The Pedro Gornio

Henry Dean

Travel & Adventure

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Philadelphia, Pa.


April 14


Nella Larsen

Another of “those” novels

Alfred A. Knopf

Wilm. Del.



May 11

The Central Park Murder

Beldon Duff

Doubleday, Doran & Co.

Crime Club Book

On train between Phila. & Wilberforce


May 18

Black Magic

Paul Morand

Trans. by Hamish Miles

The Viking Press

More voodoo stuff from Baton Rouge to the Sudan.

Wilm. Del.


May 19

Molinoff; or the Count in the Kitchen

Maurice Bedel

Trans. from the French by Maurice Bedel[ii]

[sic] An amusing – tho pathetic – divertissement

The Viking Press

Wilm. Del.



May 20

Cradle of the Deep

Joan Lowell

Simon Schuster

Good, rattling yarn. Maybe apocryphal, but snappy.

Wilm. Del.


June 10


Claude Mackay

Not a novel – A study, severe perhaps but good points.


Phila. Pa.


June 17

Dark Hester

Anne Douglass Sedgwick


Houghton Mifflin Co.

Wilm. Del.


June 22

The Well of Loneliness

Radcliffe Hall

Introd. By Havelock Ellis

Covici, Freide Publishers

Surely the strangest & most beautiful book ever written. The tragic story of inverts. Horribly beautiful.

Wilm. Del.




July 3

Peder Victorious

O. E. Rolvaag

Trans. from Norwegian by Nora O. Solum

Harper Bros.


Highland Beach, Maryland


July 15

Hello Towns!

Sherwood Anderson

Horace Liveright

Journalism, philosophy, what you will

Highland Beach, Maryland


July 18

The Flutes of Shanghai

Louise Jordan Miln

Frederick A. Stokes Co.

Chinese novel – or novel of China

Highland Beach, Maryland


July 24

Dark Star

Lorna Moon

Bobbs-Merrill Co.


Highland Beach, Md.




July 28

The Greene Murder Case

S. S. Van Dine

Detective Novel


Wilm. Del.


Aug. 4

The Bishop Murder Case

Detective Novel


Wilm. Del.


Aug. 5

Penelope’s Man

John Erskine

Bobbs-Merrill –

Another one of those classics done into modern novel form. The Odyssey from a back-stairs view.

Wilm. Del.



Aug. 7, 1929


Louis Untermeyer

Exodus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy rationalized – by a Jew


Harcourt, Brace & Howe

Wilm. Del.



Aug. 11, 1929

All Quiet on the Western Front

Erik Maria Romarque

Trans. from the German by A. W. Wheen

Little, Brown & Co.

[sic] The world’s best seller.

“The generation of men, who even tho they may have escaped its shells, were destroyed by the War.” Pub. in June 1929, now already

185,000 in America

155,000 “               ”

185,000 “               France—

30,000 per week in Germany since January and Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Czecho-slovakia, Poland, Italy.


Aug. 11, 1929

But Gentleman Mary Brunettes

Anita Loos

Novel – Sequel to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Boni & Liverights

Wilm. Del.


Aug. 14, 1929

What the Negro Thinks

Robert Russa Moton

Doubleday, Doran & Co.

Essay. “Best thing that ever came out of Tuskegee.”

On train bet. Phila. & W’ton.


Aug. 18, 1929

Fish Preferred

P. G. Wodehouse

Doubleday, Doran & Co.


Wilm. Del.



Sept. 5, 1929

The Doctor Who Held Hands

Hulbert Footner

Doubleday, Doran & Co.

A Crime Club Publication – Detective Novel

Wilmington, Del.


Sept. 6, 1929


Viña Delmar

Serial – Liberty Magazine


Train bet – Phila. & W’ton


Sept. 9, 1929

Glorious Apollo

E. Barrington

Novel on life of Byron

Dodd, Mead & Co.

Phila. Pa.


Sept. 12, 1929

The Dark Journey

Julien Greene

Trans. from French by Vyvyan Holland

Harper Bros.


Phila. Pa.



Sept. 20, 1929

Show Girl

J. P. McEvoy

Novel Serial – Liberty Magazine

Train bet. Phila. & W’ton.


Sept. 23

The Tree Named John

John B. Sale

Univ. of Carolina Press.

Mutation of Uncle Remus.

Phila. Pa.


Sept. 23

When We Were Very Young

A. A. Milne

Verses (Delightful)

E. P. Dutton

Phila. Pa.


Sept. 23

Now We Are Six

A. A. Milne


E. P. Dutton

Phila. Pa.



Sept. 23, 1929

Wings on my Feet

Howard Odum

“Black Ulysses goes to War” Narrative

Bobbs-Merrill Co.

Wilm. Del.


Sept. 24

The Old Ladies

Hugh Walpole

Grosset & Dunlap

Novel: Terrible, Grim

Wilm. Del.


Sept. 26

Temple Tower

H. C. McNeile

The Crime Club

Mystery or Crime novel

Phila. Pa.


Sept. 30

Whiteoaks of Jalna

Marzo de la Roche

Little, Brown & Co.

Novel. Sequel to Jalna

Wilm. Del.



Oct. 3, 1929

The Captain’s Daughter

Alexander Pushkin

Trans. from the Russian by Natalie Duddington

The Viking Press

Wilm. Del.


Oct. 6, 1929

Some Visitors from Mars

W. Clyde King[iii]

Serial Novel (after Wells War of the Worlds) Delmarva Star



Oct. 10, 1929

The Golden Wind

Takashi Ohta & Margaret Sperry

[sic] Rhapsodical novel of arresting beauty

Chas. Boni (Paper Books)

Wilm. Del.


Oct. 15

Little Caesar

W. R. Burrnette

Literary Guild

Gangster Novel

Wilm. Del.



Oct. 18, 1929

The Mark of the Rat

Arnold Fredericks

Detective Novel – J. H. Sears & Co.

Wilm. Del.


Nov. 18, 1929

Up Stream

Ludwig Lewisohn

Modern Library


Phila. Pa.


Nov. 25, 1929

Frederick the Great

Margaret Goldsmith

Chas. Boni – Paper Books


Train bet. Phila. & W’ton.


Dec. 13, 1929

Twelve Tests of Character

Henry Emerson Fosdick


Doubleday Doran & Co.

Phila. Pa.



Dec. 15, 1929

The Methodist Faun

Anne Parrish



Wilmington, Del.


Dec. 31

Dewer Rides

L. A. G. Strong

Chas. Boni – Paper Books


On train bet. Pittsburgh & Wilmington


Dec. 23

French Fairy Tales

P. F. Volland [publisher]

Phila. Pa.


Dec. 10

The Confessions of a Negro Preacher


Canterbury Press


Chicago, Ill.



Novels                                     39

Short Stories                           1 + 1

Poems                                     3

Essays                                     6

Drama                                     0

History                                   1

Biography                               2 + 1

Travel                                     1

Narrative                                 4






[i] This author was one of Dunbar-Nelson’s longtime friends.

[ii] The translator was actually Lawrence S. Morris not Maurice Bedel.

[iii] W. Clyde Young.

[iv] Later attributed to Tennessean author Opie Percival Read who was not, in fact, an African American. Regrettably, Dunbar-Nelson does not seem to have any knowledge of this important piece of information.

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