Academic Resources from the Office of Academic Enrichment


  • Individual Tutoring. TutorFind Directory is now online! Undergraduate tutors are available for $12/hr; graduate tutors are $15/hr.
  • Drop-In Tutoring. Two hours a day, five days a week, drop-in tutoring is available in math, chemistry and physics.
  • Group Tutoring. Free group tutoring in a number of courses is offered each semester. Groups are formed in response to student requests.


  • Workshops at the OAE.  Check out the workshop schedule
  • Online workshops: Your Roadmap to Success ( These workshops are designed to help you identify skill areas you need to improve in, to practice new techniques, and to evaluate your progress.
  • Study Skills course (UNIV113). This one-credit pass/fail course includes comprehensive coverage of strategies for successful studying, which are then put to use in a concurrent “target class” of the student’s choice.
  • Academic Intake appointments. Any student can meet with one of the OAE staff members to assess their current study strategies and develop a plan for strengthening those strategies. In particular, students in academic difficulty can benefit from this one-on-one academic counseling.

The OAE Newsletter provides a quick overview of our offerings, and for more details on OAE programs, visit our website.