Receiving Financial Aid? Here’s How to Manage Your Money!

It’s that time of year again! No, not the beginning of classes, the other exciting thing you’re really looking forward to- your financial aid disbursement for the semester. As a college student, money is often tight and you may have been clinging tightly to that last $10 in your bank account from the Fall disbursement. But alas! A new day has dawned and you’ll soon be getting that lump sum of money again! What are you going to buy first? Text books- obviously, new clothes- duh, ungodly amounts of pizza- definitely! But before we go crazy and indulge in everything we’ve been deprived of for the last few months, let’s make a plan. I mean the B word… BUDGET. Studies show that when people have been living on a very limited income and receive large sums of money, it’s VERY easy to overspend and quickly end up in the same position. Contrarily, those who make a budget and stick to it live more¬†financially comfortable longer. Don’t be broke by April 1st; click the link below to learn how you can practically budget your financial aid to last you all semester.