Spring Courses- ANFS 440 & ANFS 640

Comparative Histopathology (ANFS 440) will be offered in Spring 2016 in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences and may be of interest for our students. The course is held on Tues/Thurs (3:30-4:45) with Friday lab sessions (1.5 hrs, 2 sections) and covers microscopic analysis of normal tissue structure (histology) and the processes which cause visible lesions in tissues during disease (pathology). The course would be valuable for undergraduate students planning to pursue veterinary, medical, or research careers, as well as for students performing undergraduate research with animal models and tissues.

Also offered at the 600 level: This course has previously been approved at the 600 level to replace the first year veterinary histology course for students who later enroll in the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Honors students can receive honors credit for the course by registering for the higher level (ANFS640). This level requires one additional presentation of peer-reviewed literature involving histology or histopathology.

NEW THIS YEAR: Students will receive complimentary virtual slide sets of tissues.