Finals Study Tips

Finals are right around the corner!
Here are some last minute tips:
1. Don’t Panic (Don’t become overwhelmed)
2. Don’t be too relaxed (Don’t underestimate your finals)
3. Don’t cram for your exams
4. Set a study schedule!
5. Get enough sleep
6. Utilize effective study techniques (that work for YOU)
              a. Start early
              b. Study with a group or partner
              c. Review old exams
              d. Review old assignments
              e. Organize and review your notes
              f. Make flash cards
              g. Test yourself (create a mock test or test yourself using flash cards)
              h. Avoid studying in your room where you can easily get distracted
              i. Great Study Areas!
                        The Townsend Commons
                        The Library
                        Residence Hall Lounge
                        Math Tutorial Lab (answer booklets and tutor on site)
                        Daugherty Hall (in Trabant)
                        Perkins Student Center
                        Panera, Starbucks, or similar places on Main Street
7. Understand how the grade for your course is calculated
            a. What percentage of your grade is your final exam?
            b. Understand how you can use the final exam to improve your grade
            c. Review your syllabus
            d. Talk to your professor
8. Resist the urge to “party” on off days!
9. Arrive EARLY for your exam. Arriving late only increases your anxiety
10. Don’t worry about others finishing before you


Christy is a graduate of the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware with a master's in Public Administration. She is the chief operating officer of a local non-profit, 3B Brae’s Brown Bags and a Communications Specialist for the University of Delaware. Her research interests include issues of social justice, such as nutritional insecurity, community re-entry, and domestic violence. She also volunteers with her local school district and has a deep passion for education policy, as she believes many social injustices stem from inequitable opportunities in education.

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