• Counting ENGL166 as credit for ENGL110 is an error.
  • Double counting credits: If you took a course more than once, you only count the credits ONE time, even if you got a better grade. Also, if you used a course to fulfill two requirements, you can only count the credits one time.
  • Counting duplicate credits. You can only count credits for MATH113, 114, 115, OR 117, not two or more of these. Similarly, you can only count credits for CHEM101 OR 103 and CHEM102 OR 104.
  • Using unapproved courses to fulfill Literature & Arts, Ag & Bio Sciences, and Social Sciences/Humanities courses will prevent you from graduating. Refer to your catalog for a list of approved courses.
  • Counting non-college credit courses, such as MATH010 or ENGL011 for credit is an error.
  • Forgetting the C- and/or GPA rules in some department’s major requirements- check your catalog.
  • Not having enough credits or not having at least a 2.0 GPA.


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