The Bent

The Bent is the proud symbol of Tau Beta Pi. Though originally miniaturized to wind mechanical watches, today sees the bent large on symbolism. The trestle span is load bearing with the burdens of responsibility, yet able to lift itself upon its own merits with the eye hole. Each chapter of Tau Beta Pi has its own bent statue; ours is located in front of Evans Hall, offset from the green.

Although our bent was knocked over around mischief night during the fall 2017 semester, there are plans to return it to rightful display in due time.

“I was involved in the erection of the bent in front of the engineering building around 1980 or there about.  The bent came to us in three pieces and the Civil Engineering shop had a difficult time welding the three pieces together because  the bronze would dissipate heat quickly and the heat difference on one side from the other would cause cracks.  The staff solved this problem by applying heat everywhere until the weld was completed.”

Harley Winer, PhD PE
New Orleans, LA