Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Tau Beta Pi, Delaware Alpha Chapter! As we are the premier engineering honor society, membership is by invitation only for students of the University of Delaware who meet the below criterion. We induct new members once per semester, and you should receive an email informing you of an interest meeting if you are eligible for induction into our organization.

More information on the many benefits of membership is available on the Tau Beta Pi National organization website:

Qualifications for Induction:

  1. Be full-time, matriculated undergraduate students at the University of Delaware
  2. Be a Junior or Senior by credit hours, as defined by the University of Delaware
  3. Earn a grade-point average (GPA) ranking in the top 1/8th (Juniors) or top 1/5th (Seniors) in the College of Engineering
  4. Pay a one-time membership fee of $75
  5. Attend an Initiation Ceremony
  6. Agree to uphold the purpose and objectives of Tau Beta Pi

Active Members Must:

  1. Attend at least half of the Tau Beta Pi general body meetings each semester
  2. Attend at least one community service event each year
  3. Continue to uphold the purpose and objectives of Tau Beta Pi inside the classroom and outside in their everyday life