Alumni Stories

Sujata Bhatia

I served as the president of the Delaware Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi during my time as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware.  In many ways, it seems like I’ve come full circle, because I now teach engineering at the University of Delaware.  The most important part of my experience with Tau Beta Pi was the opportunity to celebrate the engineering profession.  I have carried that sense of pride and responsibility with me throughout my career, and it has always helped me to make good decisions. I have also shared that spirit with my engineering students.  Another important part of my Tau Beta Pi experience was the opportunity to attend conferences and leadership training, and meet other talented engineers from around the nation.  All engineers are part of the same community, and all are working for the betterment of society; it was inspirational for me to join that community.  Finally, Tau Beta Pi enhanced my graduate school experience, as I was awarded a Tau Beta Pi fellowship for graduate study, and I will always be grateful to the society for its generosity.  The fellowship came with a lifetime membership in the society, so I will always be a part of this wonderful honorific society.

Harley Winer, PhD PE
New Orleans, LA

I was involved in the erection of the bent in front of the engineering building around 1980 or there about.  The bent came to us in three pieces and the Civil Engineering shop had a difficult time welding the three pieces together because  the bronze would dissipate heat quickly and the heat difference on one side from the other would cause cracks.  The staff solved this problem by applying heat everywhere until the weld was completed.

Dr. Eric W. Scharpf

Dunedin, New Zealand

I had a somewhat limited experience with Tau Beta Pi during my years at Delaware but I am very thankful to the organisation for awarding me their scholarship. That was both a great honor and a helpful financial boost for my studies.

Since I have mostly been overseas during my career, I have not had much opportunity to engage or benefit directly from Tau Beta Pi but I do enjoy flipping through my e-copy of The Bent and seeing what technical advances other engineering alumni have made. Probably the most enduring element I have received from my association with Tau Beta Pi is the focus on excellence in engineering. My work is now in the field of safety automation and the consequences of losing that focus are severe to say the least. From that perspective, I am very pleased that Tau Beta Pi looks ready to continue its focus on excellence for at least another 84 years. Please note my ongoing support for your work and the value it has for those who have ventured further afield in their engineering careers.