Photo of all group members Law research group 2020. L to R Top Row: Yuejing Crystal Wang, Stephanie Law, Desalegn Debu, Patrick Sohr
L to R Middle Row: Md Nazmul Alam, Yongchen Liu, Zhengtianye Daniel Wang, Neel Shah
L to R Bottom Row: Sebastian Miki-Silva, Vishnu Mambakkam, Saadia Nasir
Law research group 2019.  L to R Vishnu Mambakkam, Greeshma Chandan, Yong Wang, Stephanie Law, Dongxia Wei, Tess Ginley, Yuejing Crystal Wang, Patrick Sohr, Zhengtianye Daniel Wang. Not pictured: Saadia Nasir
Law research group 2018.  L to R Greeshma Chandan, Vishnu Mambakkam, Zhengtianye Daniel Wang, Yong Wang, Stephanie Law, Dongxia Wei, Patrick Sohr, Tess Ginley
Law research group 2016.  L to R Yong Wang, Dongxia Wei, Stephanie Law, Tess Ginley, Patrick Sohr
img_20150701_094054040_hdr Law research group summer 2015.  L to R Tess Ginley, Christian Harris, Lisa Gathura, Dongxia Wei
MSEG-Departmental_Group_Photos-050615 Law research group spring 2015.  L to R Dongxia Wei, Stephanie Law, Tess Ginley

Below are some pictures from the renovation of 140 DuPont Hall, currently home to the UD Materials Growth Facility.  It started out as a computer lab and is now a brand-new research lab.  All pictures courtesy of Charlie Garbini.

IMG_0133 View of the hole punched through the upper floors of DuPont Hall for the HVAC exhaust
IMG_0106 Trenches dug into the floor of 140 to install drains for the MBE and safety shower.
IMG_0122 The trench is filled in!
IMG_0125 Putting up the wall to create a mechanical room for my HVAC equipment.
IMG_0138 In the midst of construction.
IMG_0143 The air handler for my lab is delivered.
IMG_0141 The (gigantic) condenser is placed outside.
IMG_0163 The air handler is installed in the mechanical room.
IMG_0162 We have a floor!
IMG_0174 My back up power supply.  If the MBE is running at full capacity and the power goes out, this should give us 15 minutes to shut things down.
IMG_0169 The UPS, fume hood, and chillers are placed in the lab.
IMG_0175 I have a chiller for distilled water as well as an ultra-low-temperature chiller to recirculate refrigerant inside my chamber, in lieu of liquid nitrogen.
IMG_20150310_072600_598 My MBE is delivered!
IMG_20150310_072716_761 We had to hire a rigging company to get the five crates off the truck.
IMG_20150310_080202_369 The crates were too big to fit through the doors, so we had to open them outside.  Good thing it wasn’t raining…
IMG_20150310_080351_591 The growth chamber!  All dressed up, nowhere to go.
IMG_20150310_091603_022 The electronics rack.
IMG_0176 The electronics rack and growth chamber are finally reunited in the lab!
IMG_0186 We made a bit of a mess during the installation.
IMG_0181 Back view of my electronics rack.  All the cables are tidy (for now).
IMG_0184 My chamber is hooked up and ready to be baked.
IMG_20150416_165924648 The bake is on!