12/01/2019 Md Nazmul Alam and Yongchen Liu, new MSEG graduate students, join the lab. Welcome, Nazmul and Yongchen!

11/08/2019 Dongxia successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations, Dongxia!

8/27/2019 Tess successfully defends her thesis and is the first Ph.D. graduate from the Law lab. Congratulations, Tess!

7/3/2019 Dr. Law wins the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. UDaily article.

5/23/2019  Tess and Patrick win the first and second place poster awards at the AVS Mid-Atlantic Chapter DC Regional Meeting. Congratulations Tess and Patrick!

5/20/2019  Saadia Nasir, an graduate student in Physics and Astronomy, joins the group. Welcome, Saadia!

3/20/2019  Max Roberts, an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering, joins the group. Welcome, Max!

2/19/2019 Patrick and Jessica’s article “Far-field thermal emission from a semiconductor hyperbolic metamaterial” is published in Optics Letters. Congratulations Patrick and Jessica!

2/12/2019  Susan Henderson, an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering, joins the group. Welcome, Susan!

12/01/2018  Vish Mambakkam, a new MSEG graduate student, joins the group. Welcome, Vish!

10/09/2018 Patrick and Dongxia’s article “Simultaneous Large Mode Index and High Quality Factor in Infrared Hyperbolic Metamaterials” is published in ACS Photonics. Congratulations Patrick and Dongxia!

08/31/2018 Dr. Law is part of a collaboration led by UD that received a $1 million award from the National Science Foundation to advance the state of the art in quantum computing.

08/31/2018 Tess, Yong, and Daniel’s article “Dirac plasmons and beyond: the past, present, and future of plasmonics in 3D topological insulators” is published in MRS Communications. Congratulations Tess, Yong, and Daniel!

08/27/2018  Greeshma Chandan joins the group as a new postdoc. Welcome, Greesh!

08/07/2018  Yong’s article “Optical properties of (Bi1-xInx)2Se3 thin films” is published in Optical Materials Express and chosen as an Editor’s Pick.  Congratulations Yong!

05/21/2018 Tess wins a Graduate Fellowship supported by the NASA Delaware Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.  Congratulations, Tess!

04/18/2018  Tess’ article “Coupled Dirac plasmons in topological insulators” is published in Advanced Optical Materials.  Congratulations Tess!

01/30/2018  Yong and Tess’ article “Growth of high-quality Bi2Se3 topological insulators using (Bi1-xInx)2Se3 buffer layers” was published in JVSTB and chosen as an Editor’s Pick.  Congratulations Yong and Tess!

12/01/2017  Zhengtianye (Daniel) Wang, a new MSEG graduate student, joins the group.  Welcome, Daniel!

08/09/2017  Dr. Law wins a Department of Energy Early Career award to pursue research on Dirac plasmons in topological insulators.

06/30/2017  Dongxia and Christian’s article “Volume plasmon polaritons in semiconductor hyperbolic metamaterials” was published in Optical Materials Express.  Congratulations Dongxia, and Christian!

06/05/2017  Hansel Montalvo Castro, an REU student from the University of Puerto Rico, and Nick Radziul, a UD Chemical Engineering student, join the group for the summer.  Welcome, Hansel and Nick!

03/16/2017  Tess is selected to attend “Expanding Horizons: The Ewha-Luce International Seminar” this summer in Korea.  Congratulations, Tess!

02/22/2017  Yong, Tess, and Chiyu’s article “Transport properties of Bi2(Se1−xTex)3 thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy” was published in JVSTB.  Congratulations Yong, Tess, and Chiyu!

01/06/2017  Yong passes his quals!  Congratulations, Yong!

11/23/2016  Tess and Yong’s article “Topological Insulator Film Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy: A Review” was published in Crystals.  Congratulations Tess and Yong!

11/14/2016  Tess passes her quals!  Congratulations, Tess!

11/01/2016  Silvia Hertel, an exchange student from Germany, joins the group for three months through the Fraunhofer program.  Welcome, Silvia!

10/01/2016  Patrick Sohr, a new MSEG graduate student, joins the group.  Welcome, Patrick!

09/23/2016  Krysta La Bruna, an undergraduate researcher from Chemical Engineering, joins the group.  Welcome, Krysta!

09/21/2016  Dongxia wins a best student poster award at North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy conference!  Congratulations, Dongxia!

09/21/2016  Prof. Law wins the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy Young Investigator award.

09/07/2016  Dongxia passes her quals!  Congratulations, Dongxia!

08/08/2016  The Law group receives funding from the NSF to pursue research on infrared metamaterials.

05/05/2016  Chiyu wins an research fellowship for summer 2016 from the UD Undergraduate Research Program. Congratulations, Chiyu!

05/02/2016  Christian rejoins the group for summer 2016.  Welcome back Christian!

04/13/2016  Dongxia and Christian’s paper “Single-material semiconductor hyperbolic metamaterials” was published in Optics Express.  Congratulations Dongxia and Christian!

03/11/2016 Tess’ JVSTB paper was on the most-read list for February.  Congratulations, Tess!

02/19/2016 Chiyu Zhang, an undergraduate researcher from Chemistry, joins the group.  Welcome Chiyu!

02/05/2016 Tess’ paper “Growth of Bi2Se3 topological insulator films using a selenium cracker source” was published in JVSTB.  Congratulations, Tess!

01/23/2016  Christian won first place at APS CUWiP for her presentation on her summer research!  Congratulations, Christian!

11/02/2015  Yong Wang, a new MSEG graduate student, joins the group.  Welcome Yong!

10/07/2015  Prof. Law presents research on topological insulator growth at the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy conference.

06/22/2015  Lisa Gathura joins the group as part of the UD High School Internship Program.  Welcome, Lisa!

05/21/2015  Prof. Law receives a University of Delaware Research Foundation grant to pursue topological insulator research.

05/11/2015  Christian Harris, an undergrad from Lincoln University, joins the group.  Welcome Christian!

04/16/2015  The Veeco GenXplor topological insulator MBE is installed and baking!

03/09/2015  The new Veeco GenXplor topological insulator MBE arrives!

01/01/2015  MSEG graduate students Theresa Ginley and Dongxia Wei join the group.  Welcome Tess and Dongxia!

08/01/2014  Prof. Law joins the MSEG department at UD.