Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many emails from undergraduate students asking many of the same questions.  Please read through the questions and answers below before sending me an email to see if your question is answered.

Q: Can I do undergraduate research in your group?

If you are currently a UD undergraduate student in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering, send me an email and I will be happy to speak with you about opportunities to do research in my group.  If you are not a UD undergraduate student, please feel free to apply to our Research Experience for Undergraduates program here: http://www.che.udel.edu/reu/

Q: How do I apply to the MSEG graduate program?

Applications to graduate programs are found here: http://grad.udel.edu/apply/

The MSEG graduate admissions committee considers GPA, GRE scores, personal statements, and letters of recommendation among other things when making decisions about which students to admit.  I am not on the committee, am not involved in making admissions decisions, and cannot comment further on admissions policies.

Q: How much does graduate school at UD cost?

All of the MSEG Ph.D. students are admitted with a tuition waiver and are paid a stipend as long as they are making adequate progress toward a degree.  We also have a variety of options for Master’s students, including a self-funded program.

Q: Can I join your research group/will you be accepting students this year?

I will generally have not made a decision on whether I will be accepting new students into my group until long after admissions decisions are made, as most funding decisions are made in the spring and summer.

Q: How do I find an advisor at UD?

In the MSEG program at UD, students are accepted to the program as a whole.  During the first semester, students take classes and meet with faculty to discuss potential research opportunities.  In the middle of the fall semester, students submit a list of faculty they would like to work with, ranked in order of preference.  The faculty then meet to match students to research groups.  Most, but not all students will receive their first choice of advisor.  Therefore, it is not necessary to have an advisor before applying to the MSEG program at UD.