Do you accept graduate students to the group?


I always enjoy hearing from a motivated student such as yourself. Please let me know what your research interest and experience.

Admission to the University of Delaware’s Chemistry graduate program is made by a an admission committee composed of faculty members (see I encourage you to submit an official application to the University of Delaware’s Chemistry program. You can find the information at

In the USA, students that get accepted in a Chemistry graduate program they are funded for the duration of their studies. In their first semester, they take classes and explore research advisors and the final decision which lab to join is made at the end of their first semester. Hence, once you get accepted into the program you can decide to join a specific research group.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our program director Lori Nesnow at We have many international students in the program, and Mrs. Nesnow is familiar with the application and visa requirements.

Do you have open positions for undergraduate research?


The number of undergrads I can take on is limited and I aim to have between three to four undergraduates working with us. Most of our students join in their first or second year at the program (senior year is too late to start because it takes a while to master biochemistry techniques).


Did you ever publish with undergrad researchers?


Yes! Many times. I had many talented undergrads that published with us. 

What is the time-commitment for undergraduate research?


Research as an undergraduate is a long term commitment and extends over several semesters. Because it takes time to get familiar with the techniques I ask that my undergraduates dedicate about 12 hours per semester to lab work as well as summer and winter terms.  I believe that this view is shared by all Biochemistry faculty. That being said, many of the undergraduates working with us spend even more time because research is fun. The University of Delaware offers summer funding for undergraduate research. See 

I just joined the group how do I get started? 


Get a key to BRL 138 and 139 from Sue James (BRL 104). There is a reimbursable deposit of $10 per key. You can also get a key to our Drake 116 lab and the external door.

Chemical training:

Before getting, you will need to complete safety training.  Required training is:

Advanced Chemical Hygiene/RTK Training (Web)
Chemical Waste Disposal (Web)
Fire Safety Training for Laboratories (Web)
Laboratory Ventilation Safety (Web)

You will also need Autoclave safety and Biosafety training

Online safety training is available through the BioRaft system. Shiping Xu is our Safety Officer and will add you to the Bioraft training system. Once you are already in the system under Rozovsky’s group you may log in using your UD user and password.

To complete online training:
    (1) Open UD EHS website:
          Click bioraft:
          Login in using your Udel account
    (2)   You can find all required safety courses under Training/course directory in BioRaft system.