The Delaware Membrane Protein Symposium

Delaware Membrane Protein Symposium, April 30th, 2018 held at the University of Delaware

The Delaware Membrane Protein Symposium, held annually at the University of Delaware, is a vibrant regional meeting of those in various fields who are interested in biomembranes and their affiliated proteins. It last took place in 2018 and is now scheduled to 2020.

The purpose of the Delaware Membrane Protein Symposium is to bring together people from a diverse range of interests and techniques, who all share an interest in exploring the functions of membranes and their components. Typically, the program consists of nine 40-minute lectures by a broad range of membrane enthusiasts covering biophysics and biochemistry, experiment and simulation, membrane proteins and lipids. The growing impact of this symposium was evident in the 2018 meeting, which was attended by over 120 scientists from multiple institutions nearby. Speakers included both renowned and emerging scientists. The symposium is unique compared to other conferences in its broad scope of topics, from basic biology to biophysics of membranes. It promotes stimulating discussions and intellectual exchange among members of the membrane community who do not typically overlap at other conferences. For programs throughout the past ten years, please see the attached pdf.

The 2018 symposium was organized by Drs. Ed Lyman and Sharon Rozovsky from the University of Delaware and Dr. Karen Fleming from John Hopkins University.