Post Doctoral Position in Membrane Protein Complexes

The Rozovsky research group is looking for a postdoctoral scientist to join our investigation of the contribution of membrane enzymes to the function of complex protein machineries. The new team member’s particular NIH-funded project is part of our efforts to understand protein quality control involving the ER-associated protein degradation (ERAD) pathway. The ERAD complex itself is responsible for handing misfolded protein and protein assemblies to the proteasome for degradation, a process that -if impaired- is strongly linked to neurodegenerative and protein misfolding diseases.

The project focuses on two integral membrane selenoproteins (SELENOS and SELENOK) that contribute to the ERAD pathway. Selenoproteins are a specialized group of enzymes that contain the reactive amino acid selenocysteine and they are primarily involved in oxidative health and redox biology. SELENOS is an adaptor responsible for recruitment of the protein p97 which delivers the energy for unfolding and pulling proteins to the ERAD complex. However, the timing and specific location of p97 employment are tightly controlled because this protein takes part in several other cellular processes. It appears that this control of p97 by SELENOS is particularly important when the ER is under oxidative stress. In contrast, SELENOK’s precise function is still unknown, but may be related to palmitoylation of ERAD components and thus this selenoprotein is potentially involved in the management of location and lifetime of complex members.

To study the contributions of SELENOS and SELENOK to the ERAD complex, biochemical assays, cellular studies and structural characterizations will be carried out. Thus, the successful candidate should have or be nearing the completion of a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemical Biology, Biophysics or any related field.

Location: The University of Delaware is a large research university with more than 22000 students. It is located in the very affordable, family-friendly and safe town of Newark, DE. The town is within half an hour of the Philadelphia International Airport and a short drive to the downtowns of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

The Department of Chemistry is known for its collegiality and strong interdisciplinary training and research. Our new team member will have the opportunity to interact with different faculty within the Department as well as research groups across campus.

Application: Please send your curriculum vitae and names of three references electronically to Prof. Sharon Rozovsky, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Delaware (e-mail: To learn more about our research group please visit our home page at