Tempting bait: Don’t bite on this phishing scam!

We had several reports of this phishing message showing up in UD inboxes this morning. One alert student sent us this screen shot off her cell phone:

Don't fall for this phishing scam!

Click image to see full-sized version.

Others reported seeing message headers spoofing an email address at UD: “officemail@udel.edu” [sic].

If you click the link in the message identified as “www.udel.edu,” it will take you to a pharming site designed to harvest your UDelNet ID and password–they stole the graphics from Google Apps at UD’s login screen. But the URL is NOT a UD URL!

Check the URL before you provide your info!

Check the URL before you provide your info! (Click the image to see a full-sized version.)

Even though the graphics are a near perfect match, the scammers’ URL is clearly NOT a valid udel.edu URL: http://www.bistrotbuffet.com.br/plugins/2udel3.edu.htm

Yeah, right. Like we’re doing our tech support from a Bistro-Buffet located in Brazil.

If you did fall for this scam, log in to the UD Network page to change your UDelNet password immediately. If you are unable to change your password, contact the IT Support Center at (302) 831-6000 or by submitting an ITSC Help Request form.

Think B4 U Click!

Richard Gordon