Report a Phishing Scam

  • Report suspected phishing scams to the IT Support Center.

    When reporting a phishing scam, include the complete headers and, when possible, the original source text of the message. Most email readers do not display this information automatically. While viewing the alleged phishing scam, look for an option labelled something like the following:

    • Full headers (Pine)
    • Internet Headers (Outlook)
    • Message Source (Thunderbird)
    • Open (a link at the top of the screen while reading email using Mirapoint–UD WebMail)
    • Raw source (MacOS X mail)
    • Show original ( and
    • The IT Support Center offers these links for more information on finding the full headers of a message in several different email programs:

    Copy and paste the suspected phishing scam into the problem description box of the IT Support Center Help Request Form.

  • You can also formally report a phishing scam to US Government authorities: submit a report to the FTC.
  • Forward phishing email messages to the company or organization impersonated in the phishing scam.
  • To submit a phishing scam for inclusion in this site, use this contact form and copy and paste the scam into the “Comments” box. You can also use the comment feature at this site to ask questions or add comments to any of the listed sample phishing scams.

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